(RWBY) Neo x Reader

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This was requested by fanficreader623. Hope you like it. Sorry that it took so long for me to update. And just so you know this chapter is most likely going to be very bad.

          Wind rushed against my face as I scanned the low lighted tunnel,"What are we supposed to do now?!," my eyes fell on Dr. Oobleck searching for guidance. He looked up at the advancing Whitefang, as did i.

          It took him a moment before answering,"Now, we fight". Yang was the first to attack, taking out the closest White Fang members. Next, Blake charged taking out the next row before they could get any further. Weiss was next taking out a handful of men and women just in time for Ruby to charge followed by myself.

          Ruby took out as many as she could with her scythe and I finished them off with my (weapon(s)). Slow, heavy footsteps thundered towards us.

          Ruby was the first to notice what was coming towards us,"Oh no". The rest of us looked up at her voice to find several robots, powered by Faunus, heading straight for us. We all quickly geared up and got ready to fight, but we were quickly stopped.

          "You four head down into the carts," Dr. Oobleck announced. Yang, Weiss, Blake, and I looked at each other before nodding and running inside the carts. Immediately, as we got in, someone jumped in front of us stopping us.

          Even though I knew she was the enemy I could help, but think of how beautiful she was. In front of me stood a 4'10" girl. She had long half pink, half brown hair that was flowing loosely past her shoulders. Her mischief filled light pink and brown eyes easily found their way to me.

          As soon as they found my own they left as Yang spoke,"You three go on ahead. This one's mine". I took a quick glance at Yang and for a spilt second I could have sworn her eyes turned red, but I brushed it off and followed Blake and Weiss once they took off.

          The strange girl got into her position ready to attack us, but just as we neared her Yang sent a blast at her to distract her from us. Just before the girl disappeared from my vision I saw her look back towards us with a sly smirk covering her face. Her eyes trailed up and down as if she were scanning every inch of us. Then, she was gone. Too far away for me to see her. I suppose she will forever remain a mystery.

*Time Skip*

          Finally, the time has come. The event where individual teams are able to show their team work skills and individual skills. I, however, am excluded from the Vytal festival tournament. I'm the only person who doesn't have a team. I must be the biggest loser ever, but all this free time has given me a chance to meet all the other teams.

          "Earth to (Y/n)! Anyone home?," Yang teased trying to get my attention.

          I playfully rolled my eyes,"Ha ha very funny. What were you saying?"

          Yang smiled at me before answering,"Oh, not much. I was just saying that we are heading out for the next match. Do you wan to come? It's team JNPR vs. team BRNZ. I'm sure it'll be a good fight".

          I thought about it for a moment before politely denying,"No, I think I'm going to sit this one out if you don't mind, but let me know who wins ok?" Yang simply nodded before running to catch up to the rest of team RWBY.

          As they walked away I couldn't help it as my mind wandered to the beginning of the year and that mysterious girl on the train. Ever since that day I haven't been able to get her out of my head. I know that it's wrong of me, but I couldn't help myself. To me she was just so beautiful.

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