(RWBY) Yang Xiao Long x Reader

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This was requested by fanficreader623. Hope you like it. ⚠️⚠️Spoilers.

*Your P.O.V.*

          Cold metal scrapped across my face. Instantly, everything came into focus and I remembered were I was. A robot, twice my size, stood in front of me, one of its arms had been cut off. 

          "Come on, (Y/n)! We can't fight these guys alone. Help us!," Weiss's harsh voice broke through my head as I watched Blake try to fight off another Atlesian Paladin-290. I shook my head, quickly getting my thoughts back taking out me (weapon). I quickly charged at the robot that Blake was fighting.

          "Sorry I took so long," I stated simply as soon as I got the robot off her. 

          After regaining herself she stood herself next to me,"Better late then never. Let's-". A shriek quickly cut Blake off. We watched as the robot got back onto its feet, but I stepped in front of Blake.

          I turned back to her,"Go check it out. Weiss and I can handle this! Others need your help right now". She simply nodded running off and just as she turned the corner Weiss came flying and hit me knocking us both down.

          "Speak for yourself," she grumbled as she got up. The two robots quickly surrounded us getting ready to attack. I knew there was no fighting it and simply closed my eyes, but no pain ever came. I slowly opened my (e/c) eyes and they instantly met Velvet's. Along side her were the rest of team CFVY, team JNPR, team SSSN, team ABRN, my team, Flynt and Neon. Everyone was there except Blake, Yang, Ruby, and Pyrrha. 

          "Let's show these over grown robots who's boss!," Sun encouraged. Immediately everyone ran towards the robots and started working together to lower their numbers. 

          The moment I got to my feet I felt someone push me away,"Go. Blake maybe powerful, but even she can't handle being by herself. We can handle it here. Go be a hero, (Y/n)". I turned to see a slightly smile on Weiss's face. 

          I smiled looking in the direction Blake ran off,"Fine. Just don't get yourself killed. Ruby still needs you~". I meant to tease her on the last part. Looking back at her, I was right, she had a small blush on her cheeks at the mention of her girlfriend.

          She looked down to hide it,"Oh, just get out of here you loser". With that she took off and I did the same. It didn't take me long to find clack in the cafeteria fighting a man in a mask with red hair. She looked.. terrified. What happened next.. terrified me, though.

          On the other side of the building I saw Yang. The same girl I had planned on confessing to before this had to go and happen. I knew he wouldn't except me, though. I guess that's what held me back. She loves Blake and know that's evident.

          She charged at the man with red hair and in the blink of in eye, she was on the ground, unconscious, and bleeding from, what's left of, her arm. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw my beloved Yang and her severed arm just feet from her body. Blake used her semblance and was able to get Yang out before that man could do anymore. 

          I ran. I had no where to go. Yang, might be gone for good. I can't bare to see her lifeless body, if I'm right. Even if she lives I couldn't bare to face her. I couldn't move in time to save her. I couldn't save the girl that I love. Why would she want a failure like me.. I was gone.

*Time Skip*

*Yang's P.O.V.* 

          "She's not coming back, Ruby! Can't you just except that. She's just like Blake. Leaving without saying goodbye!,"my anger flowed out in waves. 

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