(RWBY) Yandere! Salem x Shy! Fox Faunus! Reader

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This was requested by Nighttra. Hope you enjoy it! 

*Your P.O.V.*


          "This is your mission, infiltrate Beacon and learn everything you can about team RWBY. Do you accept you mission?," the cold, soft, almost soothing voice of Cinder spoke. I shook in place, to fearful to know what would happen if I disobeyed her or angered her. 

          "Y-yes I do, but a-am I going to have to hurt anyone?," my voice was low and shallow, but I knew I couldn't hurt anyone. If I was asked.. I don't know what I would do.

          Her cold eyes bore holes into me,"For now, no, but you may need to. Now go".


          "(Y/n)! Come on! You're going to make us late," Weiss's voice drug me from my thoughts. I looked up to see Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake looking back at me. Yang and Ruby looked worried, Weiss looked mad, and Blake wore an emotionless face. 

          "Sorry, I just zoned out," I ran to catch up to them. Ruby's worried face turned to a smile, but Yang still looked worried. I just ignored it. I've known team RWBY for one year now. Cinder has been watching me and continuously telling me to learn their moves and weaknesses.

          She even tried getting me to capture one of their friends. Her name is Velvet Scarlatina. She's friends with Ruby, so Cinder thinks that she might know some things about her. I couldn't do it though. Even though it wouldn't be me hurting Velvet, I couldn't let her get hurt. I might be able to let it slide if it were an ordinary human, but Velvet is a Faunus. Faunus need to stick together, even if we are on opposite sides. 

          A warm, soft hand touched the base of my pointy fox ear,"Hey, I know something's bothering you. You know you can talk to me, right?" Yang voice broke through the silence. Her eyes and, now, voice were filled with worry. Why does she have to care? Why can't she hate me like Weiss? Even though I didn't like being hated either..

          I nodded, but didn't look back into her eyes,"Yes, I know. There really isn't anything wrong. I really did just zone out. Why don't you four head to the dance without me". The others walked off without complaint. Everyone, but Yang. 

          "I'll stay with you,"I smiled at how much she cared, but I needed her to not care. I don't want her to get hurt. 

          "It's ok, Yang,"I began,"I just need some fresh air is all". She hesitated for a moment before nodding and walking off. As soon as her presence disappeared another, a more venomous, presence appeared. 

          "Well, what have you found out?," her voice sent a shiver up my spine. I turned around and saw Cinder wearing a simple black dress. She may be rude, evil, and mean, but I had to admit that she looked pretty. 

          I looked down at my feet to avoid her eyes,"Not really.. I-I haven't gotten a chance to fight with them, but I learned that the yellow one has a soft spot for me. She cares for me, but I don't know why". Cinder stayed quiet, nodded, and walked into Beacon. I waited a moment outside looking at the sky before deciding to walk in. 

          I walked in, only to run into Yang,"Oh.. I-I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going". 

          She smiled down at me,"It's ok. I was waiting for you,"she paused and held out her hand,"Would you like to dance?" I didn't want to dance, but I didn't want to seem rude either, so I nodded and took her hand. 

*Time skip*

          A stinging sensation emerged on my cheek,"You worthless Faunus!," as her harsh words spoke I realized that Cinder had slapped me. She didn't say another word, but snapped her fingers and stepped back. Emerald and Mercury stepped forward with their weapons ready. 

          Emerald was the first to attack, slashing at me cutting my right arm. Mercury was next as he simply kicked me to the ground. My fox ears flattened to my head and my eyes closed tightly as I waited for the next attack, but it never came. What did come were two voices screaming in agony. 

          I opened my eyes to see someone I truly feared,"Salem..". My voice dragged out as I saw her with a dead Mercury and Emerald. When she looked at me, I saw something, I've never seen, in her eyes. Lust.  

          She leaned down towards me,"Are you okay, (Y/n)?" Her words were filled with concern, but I couldn't help, but notice how venomous they were.  I was way too scared to answer, so I only nodded. She smiled at me as her red eyes bore holes into me. She terrified me.

          She picked me up easily,"Don't worry I won't let any of them hurt you again". She continued to walk even though I didn't answer her. In fact, she kept walking until we reached Cinder. She gently set me down and stalked over to Cinder,"How dare you lay a hand on her?" Regardless of her words she had a smirk on as she began to slowly kill Cinder. 

          I was too terrified to do anything. I was scared that if I spoke up or tried to stop her I would be her next victim. She, finally, stopped when Cinder laid dead in a pool of he own blood. She came over to me again and reached to scracth me right ear, but l pulled away. I should have never done that. Her hand formed a fist and came smashing down on head. 

          She tried to scratch me again and this time I had no choice, but to comply,"That's my good girl". Tears welled up in my eyes and she acted 'concerned',"Oh, I'm sorry that I had to hit you. You need to listen to everything I say, though. You also have to let me do whatever I want to you or else you have to be punished. Do you understand?" 

          I nodded, simply too afraid. I had no idea what I should do or how to get out of this. She leaned closer to me. I wanted so badly to pull away, but I stayed still and let her lips meet mine in a gentle kiss. For someone so harsh I thought the kiss would be rough, almost painful, but it was.. sweet. So sweet that I actually kissed her back. That is, until she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I quickly pushed her away.

          I was scared that she would hit me again, so I closed my eyes, but nothing ever came,"I'm sorry, sweetie. I guess that was a little to fast, huh? We'll continue another day". In the blink of an eye she disappeared and all I could do was sit there in awe. I finally got enough strength to stand up and walk back to Beacon.

*Time Skip*

          Tears streamed down my face as I looked at my former teammates bloody bodies, lifeless on the floor. Next to the one who cared most for me was a note. It was from Salem and it read,"No one will ever lay a hand on you. If they do, they will pay".

I hope you guys liked this.

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