Chapter 16| Come with me

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It's been almost an hour since we arrived. Jacob suggested ice cream on the way but all I could think about was laying down from all the crying I've endured. I'm currently snuggled up on his bed, laying next to Jacob as his arms are wrapped around me, my head laying gently on his chest. I feel my cheeks heat up as his chest rises gently. Feeling his steady heart beat.

"Millie" he whispers as he runs his fingers through my hair, playing with it. The feeling feels nice, warmth oozing from it.

"Hm" I mumble as my eyes are glued to the newly painted ceiling, my eyes observe the entire hotel room that looks 100 times more glamorous than mine.

"It's been an hour, do you wanna talk about what happened?" He croaks out in a husky, low voice, his words send shivers down my spine that I conceal with a tighter embrace.

"I- there was an incident between me and one of my... friends" I manage to mumble out. It's technically not lying but it isn't exactly saying the whole story. I hate doing this, no matter who it is, I hate lying. It's a weakness of mine.

"Noah?" He guesses.

"Yeah" I lie quickly,"I thought I was gonna loose him over some stupid argument" I say, shocking myself at how easy that lie was, I guess I just imagined myself talking about Finn.

"Maybe you should talk to him, smooth things over" he suggests. Jacobs intentions are sweet, but his advice is poorly said. But of course it's the thought that counts.

"I don't wanna move" I groan looking up at him quickly as an excuse, I feel his chest shake rapidly as he chuckles at my stupid remark.

"Jacob" I whisper looking up at him, he averts his eyes to me, a smile crackles at his lips but his eyes show a different story. I shake off the suspicion, he's trying to help.

"Thank you for being here with me today" I say with a smile. He grins back before kissing my cheek, a warm fuzzy feeling captivated my stomach before guilt pleasurably takes over. I should stop.

"I like you Millie, you know that" he nudges me. I feel my forehead start to sweat.

"I know" I sigh. Even with my feelings for Finn, I can't deny something with Jacob, I'm just unsure whether it's true feelings or just the feeling of being cared for.

"Then come with me" He says sitting up, causing my head that was laid comfortably on his chest to drop back to the bed before I sit up with him, questioning his words.

I furrow my eyebrows,"What?" I scoff.

"You like me, I like you! Let's spend a vacation together. Somewhere exotic, just me and you" he whispers, his words sending me into a frenzy.

I sit up with him,"I'm still doing filming for the next few weeks, we can't leave right away" I scoff, although that aren't my first thoughts to the idea.

"Finish these next few weeks, we'll leave for a week and be back in time for the premier" he says nudging me. The sudden thought of flying off and spending some time away from the drama and fame seems like heaven.

"I don't know Jacob.." I mumble, the thought is considerable, but what about Noah? And Sadie and Finn? What about all the rest of my friends. The ones who despise the very being that is Jacob sartorius.

"I'll let my agent come with us, so our parents won't need to ask questions. There's a beautiful private beach in the Bahamas I can reserve for me and you" He exclaims, his eyes filled with excitement and joy.

"I.." I stutter before finishing it with a sigh out loud.

"Just say yes" he says grabbing my hands, I look back at him chuckling, I mean an opportunity like that? Who could say no?

"I mean- yeah! It sounds amazing. Let's do this" I exclaim in chuckles, Jacob jumps up in joy before pulling me in a hug, whizzing me around. He sets me down before looking at me with a smile, his hands cupping my cheeks.

"I don't want to wait" I exclaim taking myself by surprise,"I'll call my agent right away and ask if I could take a little break, surely the rest of the cast would feel the same way" I exclaim. I retrieve my phone from my pocket, calling my agent. After what seems like forever of persuading her she finally agreed. She told the duffer brothers to put filming on hold whilst the rest of the cast can take a short break as well.

I hop in excitement whilst telling my parents the good news, at first they seemed a little anxious but after I told them Jacobs agent is coming they agreed no problem. I hang up the phone as Jacob walks back in the room,"Well?" He asks raising an eyebrow.

"Yes! I'm allowed" I scream jumping on him into a hug, his arms dart around my waist.

"The filming is on hold because everyone agreed a break is suitable right now, my parents gave me permission and their packing my bags up with my passport now as we speak" I exclaim as I part from our hug.

"Sick! I just booked the next flight to leave tonight" he chuckles, I look back at him stunned.

"So soon?" I gasp, my eyes narrowing down in suspicion.

"Like you said, I don't want to wait" he grins. I nod excitedly.

I don't know wether it was the excitement or the adrenaline, but I dismissed my suspicion as the following words basically fall out of my mouth,"We need to get packed, the sun screen and the sun glasses. The clothes and swimsuits and omg-" I squeal, grabbing his arm.

"We have so much to do!" I exclaim before dragging him to the closet.


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