Chapter#:3 (Season 2 Part One) Wow That Was Easy

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No I'm Not Dead Just Busy

The Countdown 5........4........3.........2..........1..........Begin

(Y/N) P.O.V

I Simply froze time and ran forward past everyone but I had to move fast so I wouldn't have to face the consequences of my quirk

I ran forward observing all the things around me until i notice one of those Giant 0 Point Robots from the entrance exam "Oh Thank God I Have This Quirk" I Said to myself

I ran past the Giant Robot In Relief That I Didn't Have to take my time to fight the robot I continued to run forward until I reached a gap with 3 Rope stringing from one side to the other realizing what I had to do I jumped on the rope on a crawling position and made my way to the other side all of a sudden my hand started to hurt realizing what this meant I turned off my quirk instantly hearing

"Look here everyone (Y/N) (L/N) past everyone to the last field" Present Mic Screams Sounding Confused and then I heard screams and explosions "Wow" I Chuckled to myself and turned around to continue my progress only to be met with a field that led straight to the end but when I looked closer I realized that They were holes in the ground with dirt covering them instantly making me think bad things but to be sure I picked up a stick and threw it on the field and as expected a mine went off annoyed I Summoned

(A Donkey and it flew me across the field)

No I'm Kidding

I Summoned 5 Bombs and placed them in between the mines that were close to me so it could set of a chain reaction

Once I Did That I had a clear path out the field Which I took after some running I made it to a stadium where everyone started cheering after a couple of minutes it ended with

Me 1st

Todoroki 2nd

Midoriya 3rd (Because (Y/N) Blew Up the Mines)

And Bakugou 4th

and I Didn't Listen to the rest

After everyone was done with the race Midnight started talking about the results and What we would be doing next which is called a Calvary battle and basically I'm worth 1 Million Points and how whoever gets me basically is a win for them but I know no one is gonna get me so I didn't really care the only problem is who's going to team up with me when they know that everybody's going to come after me that's something I should have thought of earlier because I doubt but even my best of friends would want to risk themselves losing

Uh So annoying but after all it make Doesn't it

Chapter End

So Thats All For This Time Uh Like I Said I've Been Kinda Busy With Some stuff and that holds me up when it comes to publishing on wattpad but that will be over soon

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