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Song: Stay With Me- Sam Smith


("I know. We can't keep doing it anymore. A couple of years ago, I didn't realize what it would turn into. I don't want this anymore, and I'm sure Cole feels the same way."

"What are you guys talking about?" I ask.

Boss looks over to me. "Kidnapping for ransom. The whole deal. It needs to stop."

My heart begins to pound. Is this for real? "I may be a little bias, but I really think you guys should stop. You're going to get caught eventually."

Noah glances over to Boss. "She's right. We need to pull out before it's too late."

Boss speaks. "Then it's settled. We need to bring this thing to an end." Him and Noah both look to me. "The question now is if Iris wants to leave or not.")

I stand there, staring at both guys. It's silent for a moment as they wait for my response.

"So," I start. "If I stayed here, there would be no more passing me around? No more being used?"

Noah Glances over to Boss. Boss replies, "Definitely not. The kidnapping for ransom and the mistreatment are both over. I'm not allowing it any longer."

"And I wouldn't have to stay in that barred up room anymore?" I ask.

Boss shakes his head. "No, and you'd be allowed to leave the house anytime you want."

Noah speaks. "Hey, and we have plenty of money put back. Maybe you could actually go to college now like you said you wanted to. You wouldn't have to go back to that dead end job, either." He stands and walks over to me, uncomfortably close. I throw a nervous glance Boss's way. He sits straight, his muscles tense and his jaw clenched, staring daggers at Noah. "You could study anything you want. They offer loans and grants, ya know? Plus," he smiles down at me, his blue-eyed gaze meeting mine. Guilt grabs a hold of me. He's so nice. "It could give us even more time to get to know each other without all of the craziness."

Boss practically leaps from the couch, cutting in. "Alright, let's give her some time to make her mind up," he snaps, glaring at Noah.

Noah looks over at him, surprised. "Alright, Man. Chill out. I was just giving her ideas."

Boss continues to glare at him. "She's smart enough to think for herself."

Noah's forehead creases, and he glances over at me confused. "I just need some time to think," I interject.

As I turn to go upstairs, I see Cole and Sage walking down together, hand in hand. "Guess what, Guys?" He shouts looking over to us. "I'm gonna be a daddy!"

"Wow." Noah says. "Sage hasn't even been back for two hours, Dude. You work fast!"

I laugh, glancing over at him. "I don't think that's what he meant."

Sage grins. "I'm a month along."

Boss smiles at her and Cole. "That's great, guys. I'm so happy for you. Sage, are you going to be staying here with Cole now?"

I see her expression change, and her eyes flicker over to me nervously. I know I don't really know her that well, but I feel sort of connected to her in a way already. We have been through some of the same things, and she struggled trough the same conflict that I am dealing with right now.

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