Chapter 13

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Karma's words rang through your ears constantly, a player? Your eyes were burning and your heart clenched with an unknown pain. Soon you reached your classroom. When you were about to open the door, you heard a familiar voice. Asano you thought to yourself.

Placing your hand on the doir, you slide it open, startling Asano slightly. He was talking to someone on the phone, but kept it as soon as he saw you. "Hey Y/N" he said flashing his best smile. But you could see the paleness in his face. He was worried, gravely about something. "What's the matter with you Asano?" you asked with a slight bitter tone in your voice. He averted his gaze, not wanting to meet yours.
"Just talking with my father.......he....he had something important to tell me... that's all. Nothing else I promise." he blurted out still not looking into your eyes.

Suddenly Karma came from behind you, "Quit the chit chat and ask him about it already! Let's see what happens next!" Karma spatted out.

Asano seeing him, gave him a dirty glare before grabbing you by your arm and yanking you against his chest.

"What are you doing with my girl  Akabane?" he spat.

"You'll know it soon" Karma said giving his best smirk.

You pulled yourself off from Asano and looked him into the eyes.

"Asano is it true?"

"True what?" he asked slightly confused.

"Are you trying to toy with my heart!? Is that all you need to do to a girl!?"

He froze, his eyes scanning your face for the sudden reason of telling this. His eyes then landed on Karma who was smirking devilishly towards him.

Asano glared hard at him. But the sudden jerk in his wrist from you made him look into your eyes again.

"I truly don't know what you are talking about Y/N..... I truly love you....and I'll never lie to you about something like that."

Hearing this you eased a little, but still had the stern look on your face.

"He's clearly lying to you Y/N!" Karma chirped in from behind.

"Shut up Karma!" you spatted to him. You were clearly not in a mood of jokes.

"I hope you better speak the truth Asano Gakushuu", you said with your tone laced with coldness.

You motioned to Karma to leave both of you alone. Karma did as asked, but he never left the door, standing quietly outside the classroom.

Soon your lips met with a pair of warm ones. Suddenly startled you saw Asano kissing you. It took you a moment to register your thoughts, before you melted in the kiss, forgetting everything that happened just a few seconds ago. Asano pulled you closer by straddling your waist towards him. His hands pulling lightly on the Hem your shirt. He slid his tongue inside your mouth, exploring the unknown caverns inside. You let out a slight moan, when you felt his hands rubbing against your sides. He slid his slender fingers under your shirt, lightly grazing his nails on your bare skin, sending up shivers down your spine. Your brain turned fuzzy with all this, and you couldn't think anymore. Your hands found it's way towards the back of his neck, gently tugging on his strawberry blonde locks, earning a low groan from him.

After the heated make out session, he let's go of you, leaving you a panting mess. You placed your hand on the desk beside you for support.

"Always remember this Y/N..... I'll never let go of you... whatever might be the reason. I'll love you forever and ever."

That sounded kinda cheesy to you, as it came from the blonde's lips. You smiled at him, forgetting about Karma's words.

"Mind not dropping me home Shuu?"

"With pleasure baby girl" with that he smirked as a blush crept on your cheeks upon hearing the new nickname he gave you.

The walk to your house was quiet yet comfortable. You let the uncomfortable and unknown pain in your heart subside as you decided to believe the boy for now.

Soon your reached your home. Unlocking the door you turned to see Asano standing behind you with a small smile plastered on his perfect features.

"Good night Asano....." you said with a small smile.

Suddenly his phone started to buzz. When he looked at the screen, the color from his face faded and replaced it with a fearful expression.

He looked at you flashing you a small smile and muttering an inaudible goodbye, he rushed hurriedly out of the gate, leaving you confused as hell.


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