11. Wrong Plan

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Now that Trisha was breaking rules, she didn't know she needed this in her life. Having come to a decision to run away after Christmas she spent more time with Sage now. Tomorrow was Christmas and then the next day she was planning to run. And she was terrified.

Killian had not reacted to her piece of secret and she had sudden respect for the guy for not outing it.

But here she was sitting next to Sage because of reasons she can't fandom.

"What?" He asked when he noticed that she was staring at him.

"I wonder why you want to help me?" She asked though that was not the question in her head.

"I told you I am helping myself." He said using his, we-are- both- unmatched card.

"I will tell you a secret then." 

And a little surprised to hear that from closed of loner Trisha he eagerly nodded.

"I have never trusted anyone as much as I trust you now."

Sage was shocked but he just listened.

"I was too shy to talk to anyone when I was young and then as I grew up I realized boys were off limit while having a no match made me kind of social pariah. I started believing that I had some problem. I can't share this problem with my family because then they might send me in some facility to get injected and treated.

Well to put it simply I had no friends." And she smiled in relief after sharing this information.

Sage didn't know how to react. Why did she tell him this, why now?

"Well I can't help it, I am handsome and trustworthy." He tried to joke to make the matter less serious.

"No, You don't look trustworthy at all." She said simply.

"Care to explain?" He sounded offended even though it was true.

"You have that vibe Sage, stay away from this guy or he will hurt you worse than anyone else did. Like you hate me for some reason." She was so on point but when she said it out loud Sage wondered why was she still here.

"Run away from me then." He said softly not sure why he did that, why he warned her.

He supposed too just push her off the cliff.

"I might." She smiled and shrugged making him question what was running through her mind at that moment.


Christmas Ball at Killian's house was an age-old tradition that ran into his family. His grandfather's father. 

It has three important rules: 

-You are only invited if you have a DNA matched dance partner.

-Only boys were allowed to drink while girls keep them in control

-Have to be dressed according to party theme code.

Killian had no idea that they were going to break all the three rules.

The boring ball started and as usual, Killian stood in the corner avoiding greeting the guests and pretending to wallow in the sorrow of his life.

Trisha's family was invited because of Ryan and Sage's family was invited because his dad was the boss. So naturally they Sage and Trisha walked in together. He hated them together.

Trisha looked lost as she entered wearing a red gown for the red and white theme. This gown was not for her, she didn't look like the innocent Trisha that she was, she looked seductive and it had been believable if it was not for her gullible expression.

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