Chapter 38

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"Good morning. I'm Daiyan Mustufa, I had came with Safiya Jameel to your hospital for her checkup."

Daiyan glanced at his watch showing quarter past two of noon. Safiya was absent from work due to her health and he had to have a talk with the doctor about her reports.

"Yes. Mr.Mustufa?"

"Actually we have returned to India. So can you mail me the reports of Safiya?"

"Sorry which reports?" 

Was that doctor going through some disorder? Firstly his wife had made him more than disturbed and now this doctor was testing his patience. " Ma'm, the reports which you told me to collect after one week."  Daiyan tried to calm himself.

"I think you have some misunderstanding. Your wife has already collected those reports."

Daiyan leaned ahead furrowing his brows in confusion. How could that be possible? If Safiya had, why didn't she tell him anything about it?


" Two to three days earlier. She was telling me that you both would leave for India next day."

One day before leaving Italy... When he had killed his day by strolling on the streets because he didn't want to face Safiya due to his anger on being at the losing side. That day, his little girl had been to the hospital. Why didn't she tell him? Were her reports the reason of her asking for a divorce?

"Can you tell me what her reports state?"

"Yes sure. Actually Mrs. Safiya is suffering from Acute Porphyria..."

Daiyan put the fish inside the oven for last few touches and his eyes silently glanced at Safiya's station. After two days of absence, his wife had joined the work today despite of him telling her to rest. Because she was a stubborn and an adamant girl who never paid heed to other people's advice.

But her station was empty with no sign of Safiya. Other cooks were busy preparing the dishes as the service was about to start. He removed his mittens and moved towards the pantry, Safiya's favourite spot in the whole Salt and Sugar. Maybe he would find her jumping in front of any shelf to reach the highest placed utensil.

The pantry was silent, without a trace of any human being. Daiyan searched for her near every shelf, his heart now gaining pace with worry. Where she had gone all of a sudden? He shoved out his cellphone and was about to call Safiya when his eyes went to the corner of one shelf. His wife was sleeping, with her head resting on one of the rice sack.

Way to go!

Daiyan tiptoed towards her and sat on his knees looking at his wife. Her lashes were finely twined together telling the tale of her deep sleep. He gingerly cupped her cheek, his thumb grazing her soft skin.

"Basically Acute Intermittent Porphyria dysfunction the neurological balance in some patients. That's why Safiya is having insomniac nights."

"Ms. Safiya Jameel..." Daiyan said in a low voice, maybe an attempt to hide his own sadness. Safiya groaned and tried to open her eyes, "You're not allowed to sleep in your working hours."

His wife fully woke up and looked at him in surprise. Daiyan moved his hand away from her but was unable to move his gaze from hers. His heart was beating at low pace as if the burden of his worry, anxiety and sadness was stopping everything around him. He was fine, hearing about Safiya's disease too until now. When every symptom of hers would remind him of the disease she was going through, how would he be able to care for his little girl!

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