Heya my lovely readers! I uploaded much earlier than I expected to but I'm so glad that did. This fan fiction is seriously becoming my life. I really have a fun time writing it. Anyway, so I dedicated this chapter to 1DOnlyYou because 1) she’s an amazing author 2) she seems like a sweet person and 3) I love her stories! Also I would like to say a massive thank you to Mikilovesyouu99 for being the first reader to comment on my story. It means a lot to me!

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~*Harry's POV*~

 “Damn that Joc lad was good” I said my mouth still hanging wide open with shock.

“Err…he was ok” muttered Louis rolling his eyes.

“Are you mad? He was brilliant!” half yelled Liam who caused Simon to wince at his slightly loud voice.

“Sorry” he apologized giving him a pat on the back. He shrugged his hands off shooting him a warning stare. Uncle Si hated being touched it just bugged him for some reason.

“You gotta sign him Si” breathed Niall excitedly. He looked like he was going to strangle him to death if he didn’t.

 Simon half smirked.

  “I don’t know lads I can’t make my decision until the others have auditioned”

 “Bullshit” said Zayn out of nowhere. We all turned to look at him stunningly. He never cussed unless A) If he was livid or B) If he disagreed with someone which was hardly ever.

“Pardon me?” voiced Simon spinning in his chair to face Zayn. He sighed running a hand through his dark spiked hair.

“All I’m saying that Joc was amazing. In fact scrub that he was fucking awesome! I mean sure at first he was nervous and all but towards the end of his performance something changed. It was like he was more comfortable with singing. And you have to admit there’s something about him that is interesting” finished Zayn flashing a cheeky grin at us.

  Simon nodded considering his words.

 “I see yes the lad was interesting but…” he trailed leaving us with extreme curiosity.

“But what?” I asked eager to hear his reply.

 “He seemed a tad feminine didn’t any of you notice?”

 “Now that you mention it yup” said Louis and I was tempted to slap him on the back of his head.

 “Ok so he was feminine what is the problem?” questioned Liam crossing his arms over his chest.

 “The problem is that management isn’t going to like that very much” replied Simon simply.

        Simon was our boss but there were people above him that called all of our shots.

  “Oh” we all said in unison except Louis who was instead just grinned deviously. Seriously what was up with him?

“Dammit management” growled both Zayn and Niall.

     He did have a point with management though yes I even noticed Joc girly side it’s what made him stood out from the others. It also made me suspect his sexuality. Was he gay? I don’t have a problem with homosexuals it’s just management won’t fancy this at all. They also made sure our bromances were only remained bromances especially me and Louis’s. We realized the fans created a shipping name for us called ‘Larry Stylinson’. I thought it was cute that they thought Lou and I were in a relationship.

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