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@DailyHESNews: Rumours have been spreading that Harry Styles has shut down his touring for 2018. Harry has been seen walking in and out of coffee shops with multiple of friend's walking beside him. We have been a bit worried about Harry's health since the shocking split with Riley Tomlinson's. In twitter, we have found out that both 1D members have unfollowed each other, and that is Louis Tomlinson who has done his first move to unfollow Styles. There have been some very disturbing tweets going around and some are very discouraging too. Harry has been wandering around the streets of London, we think he wants to be next to his family since the huge breakup. We just hope that everything is going to be fine.


@stylestrash: he looks flawless! there's nothing wrong with him...

@harrehmeh: what the hell??

@ihatetomlin: what do you mean he 'shut down' ?!?!?!

@WWonedirection: he's in lOnDoN!?!?!

@lovexxharry: boi, he must be really upset.

@pfftstyles: oh. where's the bitc.h?? goulding???

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