Just Breathe

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I tried to trap you in it.
The thought billowed around you in vibrant colors that might attract your eyes in the same manner they use to light up when you looked at me. Songbirds chirped the ignored "I love yous" back your way --
and I was hoping it would penetrate you --
or even kiss your skin --
like I knew the smoke cloud was doing,
and remind you that once it cleared you would see that same me that you swore took your breath away --
but your definition of beauty has differed --
due to changing eyes --
because my mouth never blew out anything other than admiration to envelope you in.
And I know when it all clears I'll see you for what you are and you'll see me as the coughing fit your having instead of someone who brightened your life, even if just for a moment.
You're like that smoke you know.
You dissipate --
and watch me chase after whisps of you.

"Soul spilling"

Photo credit: @mrtaylordani on Instagram

This was another prompt to write about the picture. Such a fun way to get creative and cancel out writer's block! 📖

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