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Hi guys.

It's Abby.
Alec's little sister for half a year.

I am 14 and pansexual. Currently dating Demon.

My memory isn't happy, but it's one that I think you should hear.

Alec on his last day.

He was scared, no he was terrified.
He didn't want to die, he wasn't ready.

Mother was outside the hospital room, Father was at work. None of us expected him to die that hour. Father was going to go by later and talk to Alec.

As horrible as our parents were, Alec was their firstborn, he held a special place in their heart. They love all of us, but Father has anger issues that don't let him show us his love very often.

Mother was in a few abusive relationships, and she is terrified when any violence is brought up. Mother loves us all, but she is often scared to show it.

Alec was laying in his bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines. I had spent a hour in there before Caleb and Mitchell showed up.

When Caleb walked in, the mood changed. Alec and I were joking around, but when Caleb walked in, it became serious.

"Hey baby." Alec whispered.

Caleb started crying and that's when all of us realized something.

Alec wasn't gonna wake up in the morning. Alec wasn't going to go home with us ever again. Alec wasn't going to see Caleb ever again. We were never going to see Alec ever again.

This was Alec's final moment.

"Caleb? Caleb baby, don't cry." Alec whispered.

"Alec." Caleb whispered. "You can't leave me."

I started crying when he said that.

Mitchell stood there, frozen. He didn't cry. He didn't say anything.

"I-" Caleb had started to say.

I interrupted him. "Alec, my favorite color is the color purple watercolor makes when a drop of it is put on paper and mixed with water."

That made him smile. "Mine is the blue, glowing blue."

Mitchell took a sharp breath in at that moment.

We continued to talk for five minutes when Alec began getting tired.

"Mitchell, Abby, tell my Smartasses that no matter what happens, no matter what they do I love them." Alec whispered.

"Alec-" I said.

"Abby, I love you and I haven't even known you a full year. Demon will take care of you and it'll be like I was never here soon enough. I wish you and I could have done that duet that we always wanted to do."

"Alec?" I whispered.

"Mitchell. My baby brother. You and Ashley are perfect, and Jason fits right in with you two. Take care of Abby, but take care of yourself too. I love you so much."

"Alec" Caleb whispered, tears running down his cheeks.

"Caleb, the love of my life. Every angel in heaven is not as beautiful as you are. You are amazing and sweet and kind. You are my baby and I love you. So much. Promise me that you will not try to join me before you are supposed to. You have a life and a future waiting for you and I want you to soar."
Alec said, crying.

"I don't want to die." He whispered, more to himself than anyone else.

Caleb moved beside him and kissed him tenderly.

"I love you." Caleb whispered, tears falling more rapidly.

Alec died a minute later.

The doctors and nurses rushed in and did a bunch of stuff, but finally one said "time of death 3:15."

Mitchell ran for the bed and said
"Ally? No Ally, come back I can't do this by myself."

The nickname he used to call Alec when he was young.
Mother rushed in and saw Alec laying on the bed.

Some people say they look like they are asleep when they die, but he looked dead.

She screamed and wailed as friends rushed in. Father was among them and he stared at the bed as Mother cried on him. Father cried too.

  Demon and Ashley (Mitchell's Girlfriend) walked in and Demon tried to hug me, but I ran for Mitchell.

    Mitchell still hadn't cried, he just stood there as I sobbed.

   Caleb's close friend, Chris walked in and let Caleb sob on him.

I'm sorry

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