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Grayson's pov

Mary and I fell asleep together fully clothed and I wasn't too cuddled up . My arm was just supporting her head . Then the door bursted open revealing a very angry Ethan . His fists were clenched and his breathing was heavy.
He looked at me with eyes full of anger . Mary immediately jumped up when Ethan punched the vanity making a loud bang noise . She was frightened.

"Why the fuck did you not respond to none of my messages or calls I was worried sick !" He yelled at her.

"I told you not to let any of the boys touch you especially Grayson. Did I not make that clear!" He shouted .

"Take off that damn hoodie now ! Get in the car we're leaving  I have to talk to you privately! He said to her .

Mary's POV

I followed his orders and got in his car  before he got any more angry. He walked out furiously. He got in the car and pulled out of my drive way .

"So it seems that you really like other guys touching you . Do you not enjoy the pleasure I give you is it not enough?" He asks .

"All I did was go to the fair and get on the rides . I just fell asleep on his arm not even cuddled up my head just rested on his arm ." I said in a low voice.

"Why wouldn't you answer my calls or texts then ?" He said .

"Because my phone was on Do not disturb." I muttered.

"Yeah why only people who try to cheat on their partner have it on do not disturb." He said .

"I promise i didn't cheat on you ." I said pouting with puppy dog eyes .

"You're getting punished for that either way if you did it or not for not answering one message." He said as he pulled up into his drive way . He got off then walked over to my side and pulled me out of the car .  He carried me inside. I saw that girl sitting on the couch fully clothed untouched. He tied me down to a chair in his room and covered my mouth . All I saw was that girl walking into the room I was in then Ethan walked in . He pushed her down on the bed and started kissing her . My eyes went wide , but I didn't move .   He started undressing her then he got naked . He left her marks everywhere and even a small letter e of hickeys to claim that she was his now . He started thrusting into her making her moan . They both went down on each other that was the most painful thing to watch happen .
My heart sank deeper and deeper .  Cold tears ran down my face as I saw him pleasure her . But I didn't yell, move , or scream. I was already hurt enough what's the point of it they already did it .

My face was covered in tears my cheeks and nose were red and I was broken . They stopped and cleaned up . She left ;Ethan came over and untied me then tied my legs and hands again .
He took me to another room which I think is the guest room because it wasn't decorated it was just plain and boring.  Placed me on the bed then went to shower . I was just bawling tears . He came out the shower and got in bed with just shorts on . He pulled of the rag that covered my mouth and the rope on my wrists then untied my legs  .He waited for me to talk ; nothing  but the cold tears that streamed down my face came out .

He turned me over to face him but I couldn't after what he just did so I looked down at the covers . He lifted up my face all I saw was the devil from earlier not the angel i fell In love with .  He leaned in and kissed me . I wanted to kiss back but it wasn't what I needed.

"She's such a beautiful girl when are you going to ask her out ." I said giving him a fake smile with tears bound to fall down my face .

"Never, you're my beautiful girl princess." He said caressing my face .

"She has everything you want Ethan. I have nothing to offer . She's definitely the girl for you ." I said giving him another fake smile .

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