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She whispered root words into his soul --
begging him to complete any of them -- any of her.
Lips parted in an effort to help him form some type of shade to the obliterating heat of silence. She just wants to taste the sun rise above the treetops one time.
Her versus abutted his auricle, but he couldn't decide if you wanted to listen with his heart or the external devices attached beside his brain.
He's retracted so deep within the wild-wood --
climbed too far into her mouth to grasp how planted his soul is inside her grip.
And her?
She is a weeping willow celebrating the intimate tangle of potential and inamoratas that might one day be etched across her lip lines.

"studied subjects"

This was a writing prompt where you tell the tale of the picture! I love doing these types of prompts! :D 
Photo Credit: Christo Dagorov 

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