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10 Years Later

"Hey, big bro/sis/sib," Chaeyoung chirped, pushing your face into your bowl of cereal. "How has your morning been so far?"

"It's was going great, Chaeyoung. I got up early, and I got ready for school on time. I was going to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal before we had to leave. Guess what happened after that though."

Milk slowly dripped off of your face as you spoke.


"You woke up."

"Leave your sister alone, y/n," your mom said.

"But mom..."

"And go clean your face before you are late! Stop playing with your food! I thought we were past this stage already!"

"Did you not see what she just did?!"

"F/n m/n l/n, what did I just say? Leave her alone, and go clean your face!"

"Okay," you huffed, storming upstairs.


"Let's go," you said to Chaeyoung.

"Okay. Love you, mom!"

"Love you too, Chaeyoung! Love you, y/n."

"Yeah yeah. Love you too."

In The Car



"I just remembered something."

"What is it?"

"I remember when I was younger and mom and dad came in the living room and asked me if I wanted a sister. I was so excited to meet my sister. I just knew that we would be the best of friends."


"Yeah. I feel like I remember saying to them that I would beat up the bullies at school for you. I knew that I was going to love my little sister when I first met her."

"Awwwww...don't get soft on me,  l/n."

"Oh, I wasn't done yet."

"What else did you have to say about your amazing sister?"

"I was going to say that I never got that sister. Instead, I got a raging b-..."

"SHUT UP AND DRIVE! You wonder why I am so mean to you!"

"Please, Chaeyoung. You've acted this way towards me ever since we met."

"Can we just get to school?"

"You aren't going to give a smart comment or yell at me," you said, feigning shock.

"I really don't feel like it today."

"Oh, a-are you alright?"

"It took everything within you to say that to me didn't it?"

"No! You may be a pain, but you are still my sister. I have to check on you every once in a while."

"You can't help me."

"Is it about a boy?"


"Is it really?! I was just kidding!"

"I don't want to talk about this with you."

"Okay, I will just turn the car around and you can talk about your crush with mom."


"Tell me then. Who is it?"

"This boy Jungkook. You know him?"


"What? You don't even know what I was going to say about him."

"I know he is the playboy of the school! I also know that you will not be seeing him!"

"But he is so nice and funny! He is so cute, and he is different around me."

"Absolutely disgusting. No, I will not let my sister be played! I may not like you, but I do love you."

"Bro, wha-"

"I am the only one who gets to treat you like crap."

"You love me, really?"

"Only on Wednesday's."

"Yeah, sure. I am going to get him to ask me out."

"NO!" You protested slamming on the brakes.

"What is your problem?!"

"Nothing. I don't know what came over me. Just please don't get hurt, Chaeyoung."

"I won't, y/n."

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