My Definition

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He was carved into my breastplate before I even knew I was wearing armor --
and I became a mountain.
Ready to rock slide travelers at any given moment.
He was my best reflection --
and I begged my eyelids to prop themselves open to continuously drink him in. 
He holds my core like a calm volcano, burning with an all consuming warmth pulled around my aorta and saving me from eruptions.
The only soul in the galaxy that can hug a tornado so delicately that the promise to gently swirl around his existence for an eternity is easy to declare.
I am him and he is me; so I stand front and center --
A creation that was pulled from my flesh --

where moments of drinking in sunlight graces me every morning within his forest green windows and the feeling of a fullness so deep I could lose myself there impales straight through my chest.
I found the most beautiful element on earth --
am the keeper of a jewel so rare stars are jealous.
His first breath was the one quite conversation that healed my wounded heart and reminded me that I am so much more than alive.


This is dedicated to the one little guy that holds my heart hostage and I am the happiest person alive that I am forever stuck in his pocket! <3 

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