Love, Lust and Alpha Mates - Favorite

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Title: Love, Lust and Alpha Mates

Author: KaySea

Genre: Werewolf, Romance

Status: Completed

My Rating: Favorite

Review Originally Published: June 21, 2014

Checked April 28, 2017

Reads: 2.6M

Official Synopsis:

Tia isn't your average teenager, she speaks her mind and doesn't take shit from no one. Moving states to get a way from harm, two godly dangers arise this time... threatening her heart.


* This book contains things I hate, but they are approached in really new ways.

* There is a love triangle – but there is the best excuse for one I've ever heard!

* I generally hate players, and both of the main male characters are players. I still decided to give this a chance and kept reading. I actually really liked it. I think the strength of the main character, Tia, is what made it so great. I still hated the man whore bits. They left a bad taste in my mouth. However, this is very well written. For me to get past this aversion and still love this book is a huge deal!

* Tia is kick a$$. I love her.

* Author seems to have disappeared in 2013.

For my fellow grammar sticklers:

* Occasional mistakes but very readable.     

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