Mikey x Casey's twin sister reader

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Mikey's P.O.V

i have been dating (Y/n) Jones for the past 4 years and im thinking about proposing. i got the ring and i have a speech prepared all i have to do is keep Casey distracted so he can't flip out. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~time skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i was sitting on the rooftop were we first met and i was waiting for my one true love when she arived wereing an orang sundress and black sandls. "hey Mikey what's up you said it was important?" she asked sounding worried "oh it's just that," i started "wait are you breaking up with me!" she asled tears streming down her face "what no, i just need to ask you something." i said rushing over to her and wiped her tears from her face "um..." i started geting lost in hewr (E/c) eyes "um is not a word!" she said "you watch to mutch jugge judy" i said "so what did you wanna ask mikey?" she asked me "will you (Y/n) jones make me the happiest turtle in all of the univers and marry me?" i asked wuith a shy smiall. "omg, yes!" she screamed and hugged me as i sliped the ring onto her finger.

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i texted Casey the good news

C= Casey Y= you

Y: hey guess what!

C: what?

Y: Mikey proposed and i said yes!!!

C: no i refuse to let my twin sister get married to My Best Friends Brother!!!!!!

Y: to late!


Sorry its short Love's i'm having writers block please request, give me a short summery of what you want it to be about please, you will get a shout out if you do!

by for now Love's ~Marcellus

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