" happy v-day "

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6 wonderful months had gone by now. Zoey and I had finally established our relationship. No one around school messed with me anymore, due to the fact I wasn't gonna allow them to. Zoey was starting to rub off on me I guess you could say. We were both helping each other out in good ways. He was beginning to do better in school, and I was learning to stand up for what I deserve. During these 6 months, he's been nothing but the best boyfriend to me. Until now, I never knew what it felt like to have someone love you the way Zoey loves me. He always does small generous things for me because he knows, I don't want to be showered in gifts or taken on extravagant dates. He puts flowers in my locker every Wednesday, and he sends me sweet little letters when we're in class.

The month was now February. And today, was the 14th. I woke up, an immediate smile on my face seeing Zoey asleep right next to me. My dad and stepmom agreed that he can spend the night, as long as my door is open. They trust me enough to know I wouldn't dare have sex in their house while they're here. I'm not even ready to move that far yet. I played with his ears as he stirred in his sleep. I quietly giggled and leaned down, softly kissing his cheek.

"Mmm." He groaned, turning to the other side. "Is it morning already?"

"Yep sleepyhead." I threw the covers off of him. "Get upppp. Today is an important day anyway."

"What's today?" He rolled onto his back, rubbing his eyes.

"Really?" I crossed my arms across my chest and gave him a blank face.

"I'm just playing baby." He chuckled. "Today is a day where I pamper the main girl I adore and cherish."

"Awe." I blushed some. "And don't worry, I got you a little something too."

"Mm, oh really?" He licked his lips, sitting up some.

"Mhm." I nodded. "You'll get it at school. Now get up, we gotta go get ready."

I kissed his cheek again before getting up and going down the hall to the bathroom. I turned on the shower water and stripped out of the oversized t-shirt I had worn to bed and my under garments. I stepped into the steaming hot water and let out a sigh of relief. I washed up for about 30 minutes and then stepped out, wrapping the towel around myself. I blow dried my hair and huffed seeing the puffy blue mess sitting on top my head. I spent the next few minutes brushing my teeth and then washing my face. Once I was finished, I swung open the bathroom door and walked right into Zoey's hard chest.

"Ouch!" I held my head. "Damn it Zo!"

"Ooo, Vannah cussin' now?" He raised an eyebrow chuckling afterwards.

"Oh whatever." I shoved past him and continued down the hall back to my bedroom.

When I made it to my room, I finished drying off with the towel and then threw it in the dirty clothes hamper. I covered my body with a sheet lotion before putting on my bra and panties. I walked over to my closet and pulled out my outfit for the day. I placed on my crop top and high waisted shorts and then slipped my feet into my Minnetonka moccasin boots. I was in the middle of straightening my hair when I felt a pair of warm, strong arms wrap around my waist. My cheeks turned a hint of red feeling Zoey's soft lips kiss around on my neck.

"Cute ass." He grinned before lightly biting the sweet spot on my neck. "You gone make us late for school."

"It doesn't take me long to straighten my hair." I went back to straightening it. "You're the one still not dressed."

He laughed and shook his head, beginning to put his clothes on. I finished up with my hair and then grabbed my back pack off of the couch in my room. Zoey and I treaded down the stairs and on outside to his car. Dad had already left for work, my stepmom had gone to some photo-shoot, and Sarah had already left for school. When Zoey's car pulled into the crowded student lot, I sighed, rolling my eyes at all the couples handing each other presents. I'm not even gonna try and lie, I was feeling some type of way about Zoey not giving me a present yet. I got out of the car and Zoey immediately grabbed my hand as we walked inside. We went over to our lockers and started placing the books we needed in our bags.

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