Wednesday- Cole

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Pictured: Cole

Song: Mountains by Message To Bears

"Why are you in here?" I hear a voice ask, and my eyes open. I stare up into the soft brown eyes of who I assume must be Cole.

I rise, blinking away the sleep and look at him confused. "This is where I sleep."

He lets out a little laugh. "No, I was talking to Boss. It's my day, not his."

I gasp, turning over to shake Boss awake. "Hey, wake up, Lug Nut," I exclaim after shaking him for a good thirty seconds. He doesn't budge. The most I get out of him is a soft groan.

"He's always been a heavy sleeper. Why was he in here?" He asks me.

"We were just talking about some stuff and I guess we fell asleep," I reply, casually.

"Oh," he says. "OK, well get dressed and we can go."

I give him a confused look. "Go where?"

He shrugs. "We are in the mountains, and I'm the only one here who likes to hike. You're my hiking buddy for the day."

"Are you serious?" I ask. "You know that that is basically a perfect opportunity for me to run, right?"

He scoffs. "Not if I bring a gun," he says, tapping his pocket.

My eyes grow wide. "Noted."

Jesus Chris, I am going to die today.

"I'll be waiting in the hall. Go get dressed."

I take a quick shower, brush my teeth, throw my hair into a bun, slip a t-shirt and some knee-high yoga pants on along with a pair of sneakers, and then wrap my wrist which is hardly sore anymore, thankfully. As I open the bathroom door and begin to walk out, I am quickly shoved back in by someone. I gasp. The door closes and I am pinned against a wall. My heart is pounding, but as I glance up, I see that it is just Boss. "Oh, hi," I say.

"Hi," he quickly says before his lips crash down onto mine. I am surprised, but I don't hesitate to kiss him back. He kisses me frantically and I begin to lose my breath. I feel his hands against my ass and he lifts me up with ease, pressing himself into me as I wrap my legs around him.

As the kiss slows, I am able to speak a little. "Isn't this against the rules?" I ask.

As the words leave my mouth, I feel his hand wrap around my throat, completely pinning me to the wall. "Fuck the rules. You're mine," he whispers the words against my lips, and I feel my body go limp against his.

After several long minutes of being driven to the edge by just Boss's lips and his soft-core touches, he pulls away, and I take in a deep breath. "Wow," I exclaim after catching my breath. "Are you always like this in the morning?"

He laughs, still a little breathless, and places me back on my feet. "Only when I get to sleep by my baby girl the night before," he says right before giving me a little peck on the lips. When he pulls away, he stares down into my eyes. "Be good today."

I nod, playing along with his apparent BDSM obsession. "Yes sir."

He smiles down at me. "You're a natural at submission."

I shrug. "Guess I've just been secretly submissive and even I haven't noticed until now."

He continues to gaze into my eyes as his large hand brushes a few strands of hair from my delicate shoulder. I close my eyes and shiver at the slightest brush of his fingers. He lets out a shaky breath before speaking. "You are so perfect, Angel."

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