Part 26 (7)

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Georgie: OOH! I've found Finley!

Chloe: Great! Adam's out, but Trinity's hurt his arm.

Georgie: lol is he complaining?

Chloe: Nope, I think he's just grateful to be out.

Georgie: Tbf I would be too.

Chloe: What language is Fin speaking?

Georgie: Dutch. But he isn't saying much. Helpen. Alstublieft. Ik ben bang.

Chloe: Which means?

Georgie: Help. Please. I'm scared.

Chloe: Awh, bless him.

Georgie: Awh, do you have a crush on him?

Chloe: Yeah, so what?

Georgie: 0-0 wasn't expecting that.

Chloe: No, so be quiet. :p

Georgie: I'm unlocking the door, and I'm gonna have to get him myself. Sam's looking after Elsie, as she's just burst out crying

Chloe: Bless her. Make sure you look after Fin!

Georgie: Lmao I will

Chloe: Found anyone else yet?

Georgie: Nope we'ere runign


Georgie: Were caught. Get out as fast as possible.

Chloe: What about Taylor and Macie?!

Georgie: We'll come back for them tomorrow. Get out with Trinity and Adam.

Chloe: Ok we're leaving!

Georgie: We're out! I thought I'd never see daylight again. Sam, Finley and Elsie are on the floor, out of breath and possibly relieved.

Chloe: Go!

Georgie: Wait where are you?

Chloe: Inside. I'm not leaving until Taylor and Macie are found.

Georgie: But they might be heavily guarded! Chloe stop being stupid!

Chloe: I'm not. You said yourself that you'll die trying. I've sent Adam and Trin out.

Georgie: I can see them. I'm coming to find you and get you out.

Chloe: No! I'm finding them!

Georgie: Ugh! Fine!

Chloe: Now you know how I feel when you're being stubborn :)

Georgie: I've told them to leave, to run, but Sam insists on coming with me. Fin knows the way so he's going to take the others to town.

Chloe: Can you tell him that I like him?

Georgie: Done! He's really shocked though, and smiling like the Cheshire Cat. I think he feels the same. Lucky girl.

Chloe: I'm not that lucky.

Georgie: Bro, I'd be lucky if even one guy liked me. They all despise me.

Chloe: Nah. You're amazing, Georgie. Smart, pretty, everything I'm jealous of.

Georgie: Awh, that's cute <3

Chloe: OH GOD

Georgie: OH JEEZ WHAT?

Chloe: Almost just got caught. There's someone guarding the door, and I think Taylor's in there. I can hear a male speaking Japanese.

Georgie: How do you know it's Japanese?

Chloe: Because my Aunt's Japanese. She teaches me.

Georgie: Wait you're part Japanese?

Chloe: No, she's not my blood relative. She's my Dad's brother's wife.

Georgie: Ohhh

Chloe: Imma need a distraction...

Georgie: I'll go upstairs and make a noise. Then, you unlock the door.

Chloe: OK. Do they know that there's two of us?

Georgie: Unsure. Probably not. But there's three of us, so I'll be the distraction. Sam's found Macie. She's now Italian.

Chloe: Fancy. Good luck, Georgie.

Georgie: Thanks. Good luck, Chloe.

Chloe: I heard that crash. Was it you?

Georgie: Yep. I'm hiding under a cupboard, probably a bad idea. The man guarding the door has gone the complete wrong direction and Sam's gone to fetch Macie.

Chloe: Be careful! The guard has gone running up the stairs. I'm getting Taylor.

Georgie: Omg he knows.

Chloe: Knows what?

Chloe: GEORGIE?!

Chloe: Georgie I'm outside, please come out.

Chloe: Sam's with me, he's got Macie. I have Taylor. I'm gonna come back in to find you.

Georgie: He found me. I'm running around the house. They're all after me! Stay out there.

Chloe: Omg! Get out as soon as possible, Georgie!

Georgie: I'm coming down the hall! I'm so scared! Start running!

Chloe: I'm not leaving you! You're a slow runner, I can't leave you.

Georgie: Exactly! I'm slow as hell, and you could possibly get caught.

Chloe: No. I refuse. Taylor and Macie are recovering a little, and Sam also refuses to leave.

Georgie: I'm coming! I'm gonna cry! Be ready to run!

Chloe: We're ready!

Georgie: CHLOE RUN!

Chloe: Come on Georgie! I see you! They're still coming!

Georgie: I won't look back. Get Macie up and start running.

Chloe: I'm so glad you're OK.

Georgie: I'm glad you are too.

Chloe: They've gone back. It's OK.

Georgie: We're safe?

Chloe: Yes.


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