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Y/n pov

I was soo ecited for today shawn is coming home from the army i have missed him loads not to mention his 3 year old son. Y/s/n hasnt stopped talking about how much he misses his daddy.

"Mummy is it time to go and see daddy yet" i look at the clock "2 more minutes then we will get in the car" he nodded before finishing his breakfast. "Mummy is it time to goo yet!!!".

"Yes baby"he quickly ran to the car "hurry up i want to see daddy". We got in the car and buckled up all the way there y/s/n could stop asking about shawn As we pulled up into the parking lot i had butterflies rushing threw my body but dread - what if shawn dosnt come of the bus that means he dead and if he does well hes alive.

We waited for the bus to come which soon arrived. We waited and waited but no shawn. I grabbed y/s/n hand "mummy where is daddy" i tear slipped from my eyes "im here" my head shot up as i saw shawn come of the bus. I ran up to him and jumped in his arms "ive missed you" he kisses yor cheek "ive miss you soooo much".

3months later

"Babe come here" shawn said- i went into the room "yeh" he looked down "ive got to go back". I broke down y/s/n came up to you "mummy whats wrong"he asked fully concerned "daddy has to go back" - "but i dont want daddy to go".

2days later

"Soo i guess this is goodbye for now" he noddes "but y/s/n buddy and babe i will be back i promise next time this bus comes i will be the first to come of and hug you both and i wont leave you again just know i love you both and i will be back" we nodded and said goodbye

Next bus run 2 years later

Me and y/s/n was stood waiting for the bus. Sooner or later it arrived. We saw many  people get of and meet their families while   others heart broken from loved ones not comming back  "mummy where daddy"i smiled "he will be here he promised daddy dosn't break his promises"- my smile soon faded as the warden shook his head at me.

Thats when i knew shawn was gone

Hey i know this one is rubbish but i have writes block soo if any of you have any requests now would be the time to say i was going to make a part 2 but i think i covered it hope you like it ly guys~n💛💙💜💚❤💚💜💙💛

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