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10 Years Later (Lydia's POV)
Today is the day that we tell Wesley about his father. Today is the day that we finally are going to watch the video that Stefano left for Haley and Wesley that he titled "For The Future".

Haley invited everyone over to the house so we could watch it together. Things have been pretty hard for Brandon and Piper after they found out the truth about their father working for Carlyle whereas I made peace with it. I don't want to have any bad ties with my past, I have forgiven it all.

"You ready to go?" Brandon asks, I nod as I take my makeup off. I work at the same law firm that Stefano worked in, surprisingly I even got his old office. After his death, they refused to give it to anyone because it was disrespectful. However, they thought it would be special if they gave it to me. So everyday, I get all dressed up and make Stefano proud.

"I'm ready to cry, but that's okay. I need to see his face again." Brandon gives me a kiss and then hugs me. "Haley sent me a picture of the movie thing Wesley set up. It's adorable." He showed me the picture and I couldn't help but laugh.

Wesley is an artistic kid, just like his mom. He loves drawing and he's been drawing the seating outline for this for about a month now. The plan is that we are going to watch a movie that Blaire is in and then we are going to show him the special video from Stefano. Haley told Wesley about what happened to Stefano, but she just said that some bad men hurt him which is why he isn't with us anymore. He always asked about Stefano so Tim, Haley and I had no problem telling him how brave his father was.

"I'm so glad that the gang is going to be back together again!" I say enthusiastically, he nods in agreement. "Yeah, it should be really fun."

Our end of high school road trip was really fun, but after college was when our lives really took off. Blaire started acting in her school plays and talent scouts eventually got her information. She now is an actress in some big time shows and movies.

Grace is currently flying in from Australia where she had a modeling gig. She sent out some photos to some agencies and eventually she signed a contract and is now modeling for Victoria Secret.

Grayson took up his passion for music. While he's not famous yet, he's getting there. He posts videos on YouTube and performs with his band in pubs on weekends. Sometimes I like to perform with his band during my free time and it feels just like it used to.

Piper and Vince are happily married and they are expecting a baby pretty soon. The two of them moved out of town after college and Piper is now 7 months pregnant, she couldn't be happier. I'm so happy for them, after everything they really deserve this.

Nathan is a child services social worker. He wants to help kids that are in the same situation I was in years ago that come from troubled homes. He believes in giving them another chance to live a happier and healthier life.

Brandon now works as a detective for the FBI and solves criminal cases. Brandon said he wants to lock away those who are like Carlyle and in order to do that, he must crack the case of who did it and why. From there, I deal with actually locking them away and throwing away the key.

As for Brandon and I, well we are still the way we were when we left for the road trip. Don't get me wrong, we are madly in love, but both of us haven't had any time to actually get married because we have been so busy. But we are living together and we are happy with the way things are, so whenever we actually decide to get married we will be 100 percent ready.

As we got in our car and drove to Haley's, I couldn't help but think of some of the good memories I had here. But with good memories also come bad. I've had my share of panic and anxiety attacks but I'm okay. I'm right where I want to be.
We arrived at Haley's after everyone else had. Wesley answered the door and immediately pulled us into the backyard where he had set up everything. He had bean bag chairs, popcorn, and a projector screen set up for everything. What made it even better was that everyone was here.

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