Sunday- Boss

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Pictured: Boss

Song: Toxic- Brittany Spears 

In the morning, I wake to the sun barely peeking up over the tops of the trees. It casts an orange glow throughout the room. The shadows of the bars rest on the opposite wall as well.

After yesterday, I feel like I need a shower, so I walk to the bathroom. I turn the water on and wash off quickly. I am terrified that one of the men will come in and try to join me. When I finish, I throw on a cute t-shirt type crop top, and some jean shorts.  The clothes are a bit more revealing than I would like, but I need something to wear, and my shirt is ripped in the back and on the front.

As soon as I finish tying my hair up into a sloppy bun, I hear the locks begin to click open. My heart begins to race. It'd be stupid to hide. The only three places are under the bed, in the wardrobe, or in the bathroom, and whoever this is could easily find me. I'd be punished and lose what little privileges I have.

The final lock clicks and the door swings open. A man enters. He is taller than the others. He has dark hair and brown eyes. I will admit that he is very handsome, but that doesn't change the fact that I will not be his toy.

"Good morning, Angel," he says, smiling as he walks towards me. "My, you're even more beautiful up close." As he speaks, his hand reaches up to caress my cheek, but I pull away.

"I've already told Noah that my father isn't going to pay the ransom, so what am I doing here?" I ask using an aggressive tone. "And why is there a schedule with different names on it in the wardrobe?"

His forehead creases and he frowns. "You're feisty, aren't you?" He backs me up against the wall. He is at least a foot taller than me, but I stare coldly straight into his eyes. His thick hand comes up again, but this time it gently wraps around my neck as he softly rubs his thumb back and forth against my skin. Chill bumps rise on my arms from the sensation. "We will have to break you from that, Angel."

"Stop calling me Angel, and give me answers," I demand.

His grip tightens around my throat, and I feel my heart beat speed up. My body freezes, and I do nothing. The man brings his face dangerously close to mine. "Listen, Angel. This is how it works. We aren't getting the ransom money, from what you say, so we will get something else out of the deal." My stomach flips as he comes even closer.

"What will you be getting?" I ask, my voice coming out as a strangled whisper.

He smiles and as he speaks, I feel his lips brush against mine, sending a tingle throughout my entire body. "You."

I try my best to pull my head back even further. "You don't want me," I protest, nervously. "I'm a virgin. I'm inexperienced. I won't be any good."

Regret begins to weigh heavy in my chest as I see his eyes light up at the word "virgin." Why did I say that? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Suddenly, I am flipped around, my cheek pressing against the cold wall and my hands are held together in front of me from behind. The man presses his lower half against my bottom to hold me in place. Metal clinking sounds come from below me, and then I feel cool, metal cuffs close around my wrists. "W-what are you doing?" I stutter. What a stupid question.

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