Part 26 (5)

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Georgie: Ugh... do you have any idea what it could possibly be?

Chloe: Does it rhyme with Thunder?

Georgie: Good point... I'll ask. But should I ask in Latvian or Bosnian?

Chloe: Probably Latvian because that's the language the riddle was in.

Georgie: I've asked. He's not talking. Maybe I wasn't supposed to ask for clues?

Chloe: Urm... maybe not?

Georgie: He's repeating something now... Pirmā dzīve gāja

Chloe: Urm...

Georgie: FIRST LIFE GONE?! So anything I say is a life?!

Chloe: Are you kidding me?! Two more lives to go...

Georgie: I don't even know if I'm supposed to answer in English or Latvian...

Chloe: Well we'll have to use those last two go's as our certain answer.

Georgie: Oh god... I'm so scared!

Chloe: It's only Sam!

Georgie: It isn't... he seems possessed or something. He isn't right in the head.

Chloe: Oh...

Georgie: Found anyone?


Georgie: Great! At least she's the only one who can speak English.

Chloe: Nope. She's lost the ability. We're too late for that.



Georgie: Yeah?

Chloe: Romanian.

Georgie: Oh! What's she saying?

Chloe: Idk. But she said hello to me, and I knew.

Georgie: Wait what is 'Hello' in Romanian?

Chloe: Buna. Didn't you know that?

Georgie: I thought it was. I just get Romanian and Hungarian mixed, that's all.

Chloe: Wait! Trinity still has a bit of sanity left, but she can't speak English.

Georgie: What's she saying?

Chloe: Chiar sper că mă poți înțelege, Chloe. Cheia este cu Sam, dar nu știu unde este sau unde sunt ceilalți. Era proastă să vii aici și ar trebui să pleci cât mai curând posibil. Dar dacă ai ghicitoarea de la Sam, știu răspunsul. Dar nu pot să vă spun că, așa cum mă sperie, el ar putea să-l califice drept înșelător.

Georgie: 'I really hope you can understand me, Chloe. The key is with Sam, but I don't know where he is, or where the others are. It was stupid of you to come here, and you should leave as soon as possible. But if you have the riddle from Sam, I know the answer. But I cannot tell you, as I'm scared he may class it as cheating.' That's what she's said. We're on our own, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm thinking really hard. Literally, my brain hurts.

Georgie: Well what sounds like thunder?

Chloe: Elephants running? Stampedes sound awful. I was in Africa once and I was almost caught in one.

Georgie: STAMPEDE!

Chloe: Huh?

Georgie: The answer is probably 'Stampede'! If you stand still in a stampede, then you're a fool and you'll die. It also sounds like thunder, as you said, so that must be the answer! If it isn't, be ready to run.

Chloe: OK. We'll come back another time?

Georgie: Yeah. I'll say it in English first.

Chloe: OK.

The story is completed, but there will probably be another three chapters to fit it, so be prepared for a spam ;) Hope you enjoy 

Georgie x

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