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Hello, Everyone! Just a little heads up that I love to listen to music when I am writing, and for every chapter, I am going to post a link to a song that relates to the chapter. I like all different types, so the music will probably be a few different genres. You can listen while you read if you'd like. Thank you for reading! xo

Pictured: Iris

Song: I'm Not Yours- Angus and Julia Stone

My fear of small spaces is something I acquired when I was 8. I had never met my mother, and my father was always great friends with Jack Daniels. To say that he loved his alcohol would be an understatement. One afternoon, I ran into our trailer after playing outside with some of the neighborhood kids all morning. Me, being the clumsy child that I was, I tripped over the living room rug. As I hit the floor, my head smashed against the coffee table, knocking my father's beer all into the carpet.

"You stupid little brat," He screamed at me.

I laid in the floor, mortified that he would grab his belt again. My head throbbed, and I could begin to feel blood trailing down my forehead onto my cheek. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to. Want me to go get you another beer?"

"No, I want you to get the hell out of my life! You're just like your mother," he yelled again as he grabbed a fistful of my hair.

I began to scream and cry as he dragged me across the carpet, burning the backs of my legs. "Daddy, no! Please, stop!"

I remember the sound of the hall closet squeaking open and then being cast into almost total darkness. As he slammed the door, coats and old holiday decorations fell from the top of the hall closet like avalanche of junk. I tried opening the door, but my father shoved something too heavy for me to shove in front of it. "Daddy, I'm sorry," I cried, banging on the door. "I'm sorry. I'll clean it up. I won't do it again!"

I screamed for hours, but finally my voice gave out. My father passed out on the couch later, and I spent almost an entire day in that cramped, musky closet.

After hearing this story, you can probably understand why I am currently having a panic attack after waking up in a small crate. I hear some type of vehicle engine, and the crate rocks back and forth. "Help!" I scream, having flashbacks of the closet. "Someone, get me out of here!"

I begin to bang on the wood with my fists and kick at it with my bare feet. After what seems like hours, I give up and curl into a ball, rocking back and forth. I feel light headed, and don't remember anything after picking up my drink at Derek Jones's party, downing it, and then running off to dance with my best friend, Lindsey.

I remember her voice, but the words in my mind are fuzzy and muffled. "Come on, Iris! Let's dance. That guy over in the corner is checking you out."

Someone drugged me.

At the thought of that, fiery, burning rage shoots through my body, and I begin to pound on the crate again. Just as I am about to beat my fist against the top once more, I hear a noise and notice that the engine has stopped running.


I hold my breath and sit still. Someone is opening this tiny prison I am trapped in.

Click, click...

At first, I am excited that someone has found me. Then, realization hits me. Whoever has drugged and kidnapped me is probably the one opening it.


I crouch down and get ready to leap out and run.


The crate lid swings open, and I spring out, rushing to the open garage door in front of me. Just before I make my first step out, a pair of rough hands grab my arm. "Not so fast, Princess," a deep, gravely voice says to me.

With my free hand, I swing around and uppercut the man straight in the jaw. "Ah," he shouts, momentarily releasing me out of shock.

I take this chance to run. Turning around quickly, I dash out of the dark garage and into the blinding sunlight. Oh, God. It's mid-day. I must be a long way from home. Sharp gravel digs into my bare feet. I try not to let it slow me down, but I hear multiple pairs of heavy boots slamming the ground behind me, and they are getting closer with every passing second.

I am nearing a highway. My heart pounds and my breathing is ragged. Hope fills my chest. I am just feet away from the highway.

Suddenly, I feel something smash against my temple, and my whole world goes black.

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