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ADELAIDE TAYLOR: Adelaide is a young twenty-four years old princess of Lovaria. She is a kind, sympathetic and loving young lady. She is the daughter of King Taylor Redmond II and Queen Mary Taylor Redmond. She is arranged to marry Prince Fredrick Meyer Wildingham of Adorea, the eldest son of King Davis Meyers Wildingham and Queen Jane Davis Wildingham.

GERALD WILDINGHAM: Gerald is a thirty years old prince of Adorea. He is the younger son of King Davis Wildingham and Queen Jane Wildingham. He is known for his tantalizing looks and alluring nature in Adorea. He is famous for being flirtatious yet cold. 

FREDRICK WILDINGHAM: Fredrick is the eldest son of King Davis and Queen Jane. He is thirty-two years old. He is next in the line to be the King. He is the most responsible one among all of the siblings. He is being forced to marry princess Adelaide of Lovaria when he is in love with another woman.

CLAUDIA MARSHALL: Claudia is a twenty-six years princess of Bromid. She is the spoiled and only daughter of King Marshall Herington and Queen Sandra of Bromid. She is in love with Prince Gerald since they were children. Her father and King Davis have been friends since they were younger.

PORTIA YOUNG: Portia Young is a twenty-eight years old citizen of Adorea. She works as an assistant of Prince Fredrick and has been in secret relationship with him for two years.

KING DAVIS MEYERS WILDINGHAM: King Davis Meyers Wildingham is known as the most powerful King in the world. Adorea Empire is the largest and the strongest Empire in the world. By nature, the king is kind, humble, gentle, noble, righteous and most generous person. He loves the people of his Kingdom and he is loved by everyone.

QUEEN JANE DAVIS WILDINGHAM: Queen Jane is the traditional, old-fashioned but loving Queen. She loves her children more than anything, therefore she is against the arranged marriage of her elder son.

SOPHIA WILDINGHAM: Sophia is a twenty-nine years old princess of Adorea. She was married to King Jordan of Windston but, unfortunately, she was widowed after her husband was killed in a war. She was meant to be the Queen of Windston but, it was taken over by the evilest King of all times, King Morgan McLeod of Khira Empire.

EDITH WILDINGHAM: Edith is twenty years old princess of Adorea. She is the most obnoxious, rude, proud and arrogant princess. She doesn't like Adelaide because she doesn't belong to the rich Kingdom like hers.

KING TAYLOR REDMOND II: King Taylor Redmond II is the King of a small Kingdom Lovaria. He is a kind and noble person. When King McLeod threats to attack his Kingdom – he goes to the King of Adorea for help.

QUEEN MARY TAYLOR REDMOND: Queen Mary is known as the most down-to-the-earth Queen of all times. She always helps the people of her Kingdom and loves her only child, Adelaide.

ZACHARY BLACKWOOD: Zachary Blackwood is the best friend of Prince Gerald and also the son of the security head of the Wildingham Palace. He is twenty-nine years old. He is friendly by nature. He has been in love with Princess Edith since he saw her few years ago.

KING MORGAN MCLEOD: He is known as the evilest and greedy king of all times. His Empire is the second largest in the world. He is known as the most ruthless, nasty and mean-spirited person. He killed his elder brother to be the king of Khira. He now has his eyes on Lovaria Kingdom. He wants to overtake the Empire and marry the young princess, Adelaide. 

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