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           Tracy's pov;

I love being around Taylor she's so sweet and cute I don't know why people judge her so much she's pretty cool. "Taylor, I said "yes, Taylor Said "promise me something, I said "yeah sure, Taylor said "don't ever leave me, I sniffled "I won't Tracy, Taylor said. I lifted my head to where I was looking at her; my eyes roamed down to her lips. I licked mines biting down on them; she noticed I was starring at her she smiled at me a little which caused me to blush "you wanna kiss don't ya, Taylor said "yes, I admitted "come here, Taylor said. She crashed her lips into mines woowww her lips was just magic towards mines; I nibbled on her lip asking for entrance we then added tongue. Gosh I started to get wet and I'm pretty sure she was to; I broke the kiss and got on top I leaned back down and crashed my lips into hers. She lifted us up she had her arms wrapped around me holding me tight; I started to grind on her a little.

The door busted open I flipped off of her landing on the floor. We looked up and seen it was jordan "what's up jordan, Taylor said "it's dinner time, jordan said "okay be down there in 10, Taylor said. Jordan left out closing the door behind her; I got off the floor dusting myself off. Taylor got out of the bed and came closer to me "that was close, Taylor whispered "yeah fasho, I agreed "what was all that about, Taylor asked "all what, I smirked "you so nasty, Taylor chuckled. I shook my head yeah and grabbed her neck from the back crashing her lips into mines my hands roamed her body until I reached her sweatpants. I put my two fingers inside her panties and pulled them out "damn bae you wet, I said licking my fingers "I'm a virgin I never had a girlfriend or sex before because I wasn't to sure of my sexuality, Taylor said "it's okay honey I understand and we will take things slow until your ready, I said "okay I was getting wet because I'm sexually attracted to you, Taylor said "Fr, I said "yeah I think, Taylor said.

A smile grew upon my face as we left out her room; we walked down the steps to the kitchen where jordan and Taylor mom was sitting down at the table. I took a seat next to jordan across from Taylor; Taylor's mom put the food in the center of the table and we all got our own amount. I put hotsauce on my chicken then passed it down to jordan where she put it back by the food; it was quiet while we was eating all you heard was plates being scrapped by our forks. "This chicken is very good Mrs Lopez, I said "well thank you Tracy, Mrs Lopez said "anytime, I said "how was school girls, Mrs Lopez asked "good, Taylor said "eh, jordan said "just fine, I said "that's good, Mrs Lopez said.

We finished eating as jordan helped her mom clean up the table; I followed Taylor back to her room. I closed the door behind me and jumped in Taylor's arm's "your mom is nice, I said "yeah that's my lady, Taylor chuckled. I crashed my lips into Taylor's I held on tight around her neck so I wouldn't fall; her hands creased my butt. She broke the kiss and started kissing on my neck as she rubbed my butt I couldn't help but to let out moans "shhhh, Taylor whispered. She walked me over to her bed laying me down; she took off my shirt and started to kiss on my chest creasing my left boob her lips felt like heaven. She kissed down my stomach to my pants; she unbuttoned them and slide them off my legs tossing them next to my shirt. She kissed down between my thighs; she rubbed on my cat from the outside of my panties "stop playing, I moaned "let me do my job, Taylor said. I felt her put two fingers inside I let out a gasp as she started to move them around; I grabbed onto the sheets as she started going faster. I grabbed one of her pillows and moaned into it "uhhh Taylor I'm gonna cum, I moaned "go ahead, Taylor said. I looked down at Taylor and seen it had happened she took her fingers out of me and licked them smirking at me; she got up and laid next to me with a smile on her face "what's so funny, I asked "you taste good, Taylor said "I do, I said "yes, Taylor said.

Author Message : Mature Audience Only Contains Sexual Contact And Strong Language

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