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Third Person POV
You drove to Jimin's house, which was once yours too. Chanyeol just sat in the passenger's seat, looking into a void.

You parked near the house and walked up to the front door with Chanyeol.

You rang the bell twice.

"Y/N, be gentle with him." Chanyeol told you. But you were too furious to hear him.

The door opened and Jimin looked at you two with a numb face. His hair were all over the place and he smelled of alcohol.

"Park Jimin! I swear to God, what is wrong with you?!!!!! Why did you tear the post card that my mum sent me?! Are you mad? Because of you, the news of my father being injured was delayed to me! Do you even know how much my parents mean to me? Oh yeah, of course you won't! You don't even have any!" You angrily blabbered.

"Y/N stop." Chanyeol said.

"Oh don't stop me Chanyeol!" You pushed his hand off of your shoulder.

"But I did not do that!" Jimin pleaded.

"Oh shut up! You are a liar! A very good one indeed. You lied to me for the past few years telling me you love me...... But you don't! You are a moron Jimin!" You said and pushed him a little.

His eyes shot at Chanyeol who was looking down at the ground.

"What are you looking at my boyfriend for huh?" You said and both of their eyes widened.

"Boyfriend?!" The men exclaimed together.

"Yes! Channie is my boyfriend. And I am pretty sure he will take care of me more than you!" You shouted and walked back to your car, dragging Chanyeol.

He looked at Jimin and evilly smirked. Jimin folded his hand into a fist and punched the side of the door frame.


"BOYFRIEND?!" Lisa and Jungkook exclaimed. You were in a waffle shop for a little meeting with them.

"Shush!! Keep it down you two." You said as you faced down.

"And yeah, by the way, what is this douche doing here?" Lisa asked.

"Shut up llama!" Jungkook hissed.

"I won't you coconut ass-wipe!" Lisa replied.

"I just wanna throw you off a cliff!"

"And I wanna burn all of your timberlands!"

"I wanna shave all of your hair off!"

"I wanna cut your throat with a floss!"

"I wanna massage your back with my hands!"

Everyone froze and looked at Jungkook in a shock.

"Well..... Not really what I wanted to say.... Not my fault a spa is being advertised on the billboard outside." He explained.
Both you and Lisa internally facepalmed.

Suddenly, your phone started ringing.

"Hello?" You answered.

"Hey babe. I was wondering if you were free tonight..... Mind coming over for some dinner?" The deep voice spoke. It was Chanyeol.

"S-Sure. What time?" You asked. You were confused as to why he was calling you babe.

"Anytime. Now that you are my girlfriend, this is your house too." He said in a seductive tone.

"Okay." You said and ended the conversation.

"Who was it?" Lisa asked.

"Chanyeol." You said and told them what went on.


"OH AND THE WEDDING DECORATORS TOO!" Jungkook squeeled. Both of them fangirled/boyed over the "happy news".

"Shush you two! I am not marrying him! This is ridiculous!" You calmed them down. Both of them frowned and dropped their shoulders.

"I will go there, have some dinner and come back. Nothing more. At that moment, I wanted to show Jimin how much I don't care about him. That's it." You said and left the table with your bag. The eyes of Lisa and Jungkook followed you.

"I hope Chanyeol makes a move." Lisa said.

"Yeah, he is pretty good with ladies." Jungkook spoke.

"Nothing like you then." Lisa playfully teased him. Jungkook gave in and chuckled.

"Jungkook......Look, I don't want this to go on for longer. I am sorry. Please listen to my side of the story too." Lisa tried to transition Jungkook. A fierce look on his face took birth.

"Look Lisa, I have told you before. There is no way I am going to forgive you. So quit trying." Jungkook said and left the shop.

Lisa sat there alone...... Eating her waffles of course.

A/N: I AM BACK BITCHES! Yeah, I am so sorry for the small chapie, but I wanted to fill it in with what went on for the past few days. I just wanna say that I am fine now. Life is going good. I will be a senior in high school soon!!!! Woohooo!

So basically, after my exams got over, a lot of shiz went on. Some suffering but I survived.

I am going to study sciences now and I have taken art as my subject because.... Why not! I want to be an artist, preferably a commercial artist or a product designer.

I am working on a cherry blossom painting right now and I am actually only left with the cherry blossoms.

My parents bought me a ukulele!!!!!!! I just felt like I should have an instrument, because I have never tried any. Its interesting and not easy. Of course, I can teach myself, but again, I will lack the charisma. I learnt how to play Stay (Blackpink), Despacito and Havana on it. They were easy, although I am rusty on some chords.

My trip to UK is coming closer!!!! I will be going in June or July!!! I am super excited because that is exactly where I wanna go!

Last but not the least, I wanna say thanks to everyone who believed in me. I was just feeling down for some time and..... It was just some bullpoop at the end.

I am glad to have readers like yall!

Unedited ♥️♥️♥️

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