Oi! She's Hot!

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When you walked into the manner, the first thing you noticed was how beautiful and large it actually was. It felt like everything was glowing. The anime and manga series seemed like nothing compared to the real deal in front of you. You held in your gasp, and tried to imagine it in anime form. It was hard, for the beauty of the mansion kept distracting you. The mahogany tiles were polished and shone like crystals, while the walls were a beautiful beige with numerous intricate carvings engraved into it. Proud golden chandeliers illuminated the ballroom in a soft glow. Is it just you or is the room filled with the scent of (favorite scent)?

"What a lovely estate. " You mumbled, ______ eyes wide. You took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent. "It's absolutely stunning. " You finished.

Out of nowhere, Sebastian appeared behind you. "Thank you Lady _______, I do try my best. " He breathed into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You backed away, grinning nervously.

"You went a little bit too close for my liking. " You said, flustered. Sebastian gracefully backed off a little, wanting you to feel completely comfortable in this new setting.

"Sebastian. " Ciel said, a bit irritated at how close he got to you. "Please give ____ the new maid uniform." He spun around, his bangs bouncing as he began walking away to what you assumed was his study. Sebastian bowed, placing a slender gloved hand on his heart as he did so.

"Yes, my lord. "

I just heard the Sebastian Michaelis say his famous catch phrase, how lucky am I? Sebastian turned towards you, giving you a fake closed eyed smile as he motioned for you to follow him down a long, beautiful corridor. Your wedges sounded a bit heavy on the tiles, a comforting sound from the silence.

"Here we are. " He said, opening a large white door with a golden doorknob for you. You marveled at your room.

"If this is a room for a servant, just how luxurious is a room for a guest?" You said, causing the raven haired butler to chuckle.

Your room was beautiful, with snow white walls trimmed in gold. In the center of the room was your bed. Styled as though it were made for a princess, the silver satin sheets gleamed at you. Your wardrobe was also silver, instead of the traditional mahogany, with roses trailing up and down on it. It was magnificent.

"Wow. " You said, picking up a small glass sculpture of a kitten that lay on one of the stands. "Honestly, I love cats. Their fur can be the softest thing I've ever felt, with their squishable paws only adding to their perfection. " You rambled on purpose, staring at the sculpture lovingly. You knew you struck something in Sebastian, for he bit his lip as he gazed at you. He breathed in, then turned around to walk to the wardrobe.

"Since we don't have another uniform like Mey-rin's, you will have to settle for this. " He said calmly, pulling out a uniform that was black and white. It looked like it would tighten your waist, and come down to a little above your knee.

"It's a bit... revealing... do you happen to have anything else that I could wear?" He shook his head glumly.

"Unfortunately, no, but you can wear these tights for your comfort." You sighed and gripped tightly onto the soft material of the uniform, the tights made it much better in your opinion. You didn't notice his secret, sly, smirk he did while you stared at the outfit. He knew very well that there were plenty of uniforms just like Mey-rin's.

"Alright then, I'll get changed. " You said, slipping off your sweater. You looked at Sebastian, who was staring at your hands. You hoped he didn't see the crest on the sweater, so you distracted his attention from it. "Excuse me, but I'm trying to change."

"I don't mind, continue." He insisted. You sighed, pointing to the door.

"Yes, of course." He said, closing the door that was slightly ajar. Too bad he still didn't leave.

"Sebastian. " You said dangerously. He raised an eyebrow, a smirk gracing his beautiful features.

"Yes m'lady? " He asked, still smirking.

"Get out." You said, dragging him out of the room. You closed the door on his face and changed into your uniform, when you got out, he was waiting for you.

"You, m'lady, look perfect. "

"Thank you. Now come on, we got work to do. " You said, racing down the hall. You ran because you were blushing, and you would not let a demon see you blush.

You burst through the kitchen doors, staring at the burnt kitchen in front of you.

"Oi! She's Hot! " Exclaimed Baldroy, a cigarette hanging from his lips as his burnt hair dropped a bit of ash on the ground.

"Aw man, now we gotta clean this up before-"

"My my, what a disaster." You heard a familiar husky voice say behind you. "I'm going to have to punish whoever did this. " He said. You did nothing but side eye him.


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