Therapists And New Girlfriends

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So I had an idea for this chapter and it’s dedicated to PeacefulwayofWar! So I hope you guys enjoy it <3

                It’s been a few weeks since the incident and even though I had the guys and Becca, it was hard dealing with what happened to me so Ashley suggested that I go see a therapist. “If anything, seeing a therapist would make you feel better.” Ashley said. I asked him if he could go with me and he agreed to go to support me. When we got there, I checked in and sat next to Ashley who was holding my hand. “Stella?” the therapist called. “I’m Stella and is it ok if I bring my boyfriend in for support?” I asked her. “Yes that’s ok. I’m Dr. Nowell and I’ll be your therapist.” She said shaking my hand then Ashley’s. We walked in the room and sat down while Dr. Nowell   sat across from me and Ashley. “So tell me why you’re here.” She said looking at me. Well a few weeks ago I was coming out of work and I was making my way to my car, and this guy named Matt approached me. He was drunk and I was telling him that I had to go and he um...” I started to tear up at the memory.”Come on baby finish the story. You can do it.” Ashley said holding my hand. “He grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall and pulled my pants down and he raped me. He hurt me so bad and Aiden, my boss, saw what happened and pulled the guy off of me and before I blacked out, I told him to call for help and to call Ashley.”  I said in a shaky voice.  “I see so Ashley has been your biggest support?” Dr. Newell asked me. I looked at Ashley and smiled a small smile at me and he smiled back. “Yes he has. He has stayed with me at my house because I would have nightmares and he would be right there holding me. I also have a best friend and her name is Becca and I’m good friends with Ashley’s bandmates as well.” I said. “Well that’s good. I’m glad you came to see me and I’ll see you next month.” Dr. Newell said leading us out.  “Stella you did so well! I’m proud of you.” Ashley said kissing my forehead.

                When we got home, I invited Becca and the others over to relax and hang out. When they got there, I noticed C.C. walked in holding a girl’s hand.”Oh who’s this?” I asked him. “This is Meagan, my new girlfriend.” He said introducing her. “Hi I’m Stella. Nice to meet you.” I said smiling at her and shaking her hand. “Nice to meet you too.” She said smiling back. As we sat down and watched a movie, I noticed that Becca and Andy we’re acting like a couple and cuddling on the couch. “Ok since when has Andy and Becca been a couple?” I asked. “We just barely got together an hour ago because knucklehead here took so long to ask me out.”Becca said smacking Andy on the head.”Ow fuck babe not so hard! I had no idea that you liked me in that way.” Andy said defending himself rubbing the back of his head. “Well now you do and now you’re mine.” Becca said smiling. And I thought Ashley and I were cute, but Andy and Becca are adorable together.

                “So what do you guys wanna do today?” I asked. “LET’S GO TO THE BEACH!!!!!”  C.C. said jumping up and down. “Calm your tits C.C. let’s go to the beach.” Jake said. “Sounds good! Ok everybody go home and get ready and let’s meet back here in 30 minutes. We could have a bonfire.” I said. So everybody went home and I ran upstairs to my room to put on my bikini and pack the things that I needed for the beach.  As I made my way downstairs, I hear my doorbell ringing letting me know that everybody was here. “Wow that was fast.” I said smiling. “COME ON LET’S GO ALREADY!!” Ashley said pulling me out. I couldn’t help but giggle at Ashley’s cuteness. We took my car and Jinxx’s and made our way to the beach. This was gonna be a fun day and I couldn’t wait to get it started.

That’s all I have for now but hopefully you guys liked this chapter! Let me know! Xoxo, Kristan

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