Chapter 29

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"We lost them both, Izzy" Alec said as Isabelle was sitting on his bed, watching him pace around panicking.

"You'd know if Jace was dead, you'd know if Addy was dead by how Jace was feeling" Izzy said

"I can't feel anything!" Alec said.

"You know, Addy and Jace will find away out of there. Jace won't let Addy stay forever." She said.

"They could be in Idris, you know, how will they come back then?" He asked

"Addy is a ConClave member and a Peacekeeper representative for the Clave, she has power" Izzy said "but I think hanging out with Jace to much will cause her to do dumb things"

"You know, Addy only went to figure out her powers, but she said that she will ask Magnus, why do you think she really went?" Alec asked

"Jace. He is her brother." Izzy said "and Jace won't let a fly harm her"

Addy was tied up and a man was using her as a human punching bag.

"Do you know who I am?" The man asked.

"You know, I could care less about who you are" Addy said. Earning her a punch. "Do you know who I am?"

"The Stolen Child, Addison Blackthorn, third oldest of the family, one of the greatest Shadowhunters, a ConClave member, and a Peacekeeper, oh! And lover of Alec Lightwood" The man said

"Is it your pride and joy to tie girls up and hit the crap out of them?" Addy asked

"Valentine asked me too" He said

"So If Valentine asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?" Addy asked.

"Depends." The man said taking another swing at her.

"That's really sad, you lean on Valentine, for everything, what would you be if you weren't a Circle Member? A Shadowhunter, a father?"

"I am a Shadowhunter" he said

"You are a disgrace to the ShadowWorld and the Clave!" Addy said.

Now the man wouldn't stop hitting her. But Addy spoke her part. Spoke her mind.

"Hey! Hey! Stop, Valentine, tell him to stop" Jace said

"You heard the boy, let the girl go" Valentine said.

Addy felt the chains around her wrist loosen, and she fell to the floor on her knees. Jace came at her said and took out his stele, Valentines stele, and drew a healing rune.

"You care for her" the man said.

"Of course I do, she's my sister" Jace said helping Addy to her feet.

"No she isn't" The man said

"Family isn't who you are born with, it's who you'd die for" Addy said.

"You haven't introduced yourself yet, have you" Valentine asked the man.

"No sir, the opportunity didn't show its self" The man said

"Show yourself!" Valentine yelled.

And at that moment, he took off the hood, showing a red circle rune on the base of his neck and his face... that looked all to familiar.

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