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                   Taylor's pov;

The bus stopped outside my house and opened the door; I got out my seat followed behind jordan and stepped off the bus onto the sidewalk. I waved bye to the bus driver he tipped his cap off at me as he closed the doors and drove off; I turned around and seen jordan walking into the house. I jogged up the doorway catching up to her; I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. I went over into the kitchen and grabbed me a bottle of water with a healthy snack and headed upstairs to my room; I opened my door and walked inside. I closed it back with my foot and plopped on my bed resting my head on the pillow; I lifted up and took off my shirt and pants with my socks. I grabbed a magazine off my nightstand and started to read through it; there was a knock at my door it slowly opened up I looked up and seen it was Tracy. I quickly jumped up covering myself "oh hey hey Tracy, I said "lol hey Taylor, Tracy giggled "how did you know where I lived, I asked "uhhh I seen you get off the bus as I was walking home, Tracy said "who let you in, I asked "Jordan of course, Tracy said "oh um come in but close the door behind you, I said.

   Tracy stepped in closing the door behind her; I closed my magazine and placed it back on my nightstand. She walked around my room looking at my posters and decorations I had everywhere "so you not gonna get up and give me a hug, Tracy said "see I would but I'm kinda naked, I said "how about I close my eyes, Tracy said "okay close em, I said. I seen her closing her eyes as I started to get out the bed; I walked over to her and brought her into a bear hug. I felt something happening inside my panties it was wet? I broke the hug and ran into the closet; I grabbed a pair of sweats of the hanger and slipped them on. I left out my closet and seen Tracy sitting on the bed reading my magazine; I walked over to her and sat besides her "so you like science, Tracy asked "I mean sorta, I said "cool, Tracy said "wanna watch tv, I asked "yeah sure, Tracy said "okay, I smiled.

I got up from the bed and grabbed the remote off the dresser. I turned on the tv as I started to leave out the room "so I'm gonna go down to the kitchen to find something to eat, I said "okay, Tracy said. I jogged down the steps to kitchen; I opened the fridge and seen nothing to eat on the top shelf. I moved things around and found a yogurt; I smiled as I took it out the fridge closing it behind me. I took a spoon out the cabinet and jogged back up the steps to my room; I plopped down next to Tracy and opened my yogurt up. "Ohhh can I have some I love yogurt, Tracy begged "yeah open up, I said; I took a little spoon full of yogurt and placed some into Tracy mouth. She locked her lips on the spoon and licked the yogurt off; I took it out her mouth and scooped some into my mouth lightly smacking my lips. Tracy put her hand on thigh and started to rub slowly around; Gosh I started to get those weird feelings again my panties got even wetter and my heart started to beat faster. I fed Tracy some more yogurt trying to ignore the wetness I have in my panties; she ate that yogurt so perfect.

I heard the front door open and close "girls I'm home, your mom yelled "come on let's go meet my mom, I said "okay, Tracy said. i got up leaving with Tracy following out behind me; we went down the steps into the kitchen where my mom was located "mom, I said "yes hun, your mom said putting up grocery's "my friend is here, I said. She stopped putting the food and looked over at us "hello I'm Mrs Lopez, your mom said "hi Mrs Lopez I'm Taylor's friend Tracy, Tracy said "nice to meet you, your mom said "what's for dinner tonight mom, I asked "uhhhh what ya'll want, your mom asked "probably chicken and macaroni, i said "alright, your mom said "care to stay for dinner Tracy, your mom asked "yeah sure i would love to, Tracy smiled "okay, your mom said. Ya'll walked back upstairs to your room "I gotta use the bathroom, I said "alright I'll be out here, Tracy said "okay, I said. I walked over into the bathroom; I closed the door behind me making sure I locked it. I pulled my panties down and sat down on the toilet; I looked down and seen my panties soaking wet. I started to panic I never experienced this before so many questions was going through my head. After I finished doing my business I washed my hands and dried them before leaving the bathroom to see Tracy underneath the cover laying down watching tv. My heart started to pound as I got closer to the bed; I got underneath the cover with her and stayed on the other side of the bed. She rolled over facing my way; she laid her head on my chest and smiled. I put my arm around her pulling her closer to me; I could admit I could get use to this.

Author Message : Mature Audience Only Contains Sexual Contact And Strong Language

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