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COUPLE: Yoonseok/Sope




AUTHOR NOTE: i facepalmed so much while rereading and editing this 😂


•3RD POV••

"Hey, i'm Kim Taehyung...yeah,that's pretty much it" the new boy poorly introduced himself infront of the class. Awkwardly looking over at the teacher as if he was sending secret signals so she would take over. The teacher, miss Choi, told him to sit anywhere he pleased as long as he pays attention. His eyes scanned the whole room before deciding to sit next to Hoseok, in the back of the classroom.

"Hey, I'm taehyung! What's your name cutie?" He whispered cheerfully. His cheerful attitude now overlapping his awkward one from earlier. Hoseok looked up at him and gave him one of his welcoming smiles, showing off his dimples. "I know who you are, you just introduced yourself." His smile was replaced by a smirk. 'Sassy much..i like ;)' Taehyung thought. "I'm Hoseok btw. Nice to meet you, taehyung-ah~" If cuteness could kill, everyone would be buried under my hill of stinky laundry.

"Awhh you're so cute~~how old are you?" He said, pinching Hoseoks cheeks with his long and delicate fingers. Hoseok pouted and tried to free himself from Taehyung's grip. "I'm 18 and you're too clingy!" He whined cutely. "Yah! How can i not? Hyungie, you're just so adorable~ look at your chubby cheeks" he chuckled as he let go of him. 'Gosh finally' hoseok thought. "Wait, Hyung?" He asked confused. Taehyung nodded "yeah, I'm younger than you are. Although it may seem the other way around since you look.. Idk 14" Hoseok felt offended and Taehyung laughed at his pouting face. Hoseok glared at him. Taehyung thought he looked like a puppy but didn't say that out loud otherwise hoseok would get more angry at him. "Okay fine, i take that back. Now happy?" He gave up. "Very much" hoseok beamed at his victory. "...Yeah, you're obviously 12". This bitch.

During the second period, Hoseok and Taehyung became friends real quick. It even surprised the both of them. They found out that they had lots in common. They had the same interests and hobi found Taehyung really amusing (except when he teases. Curse him for being such a tease!)

The both of them were so into each other (in a friendly way of course) that they didn't notice a pair of piercing eyes watching over them from behind. Said person did not even notice that he was abusing the pages in his textbook. He was in the process of almost ripping them, his hands were clenched into fists as he watched the two being too clingy and lovey dovey with each other.

"I see you made friends with the new kid" Seokjin said while taking a bite of his lunch. Hoseok, who was seated on the opposite chair, nodded. "Yeah, he's a great guy, really funny too. I'm sure you will like him as much as i do" he smiled. It was lunch break and he was starving. Class really made him hungry. "We'll see about that. Where is he anyways?" He asked, looking around the canteen.

Hoseok took his phone out as he unlocked it. "Hmm? The teacher wanted to see him since he's new and all. He'll be back soon" he opened an application which was soon forgotten as he received a notification from twitter. From Yoongi to be more specific. (The only few accounts he followed were his moms, sis', Seokjin's and a few friends from his dance class. Yeah he was so unsocial and certainly not popular. Oh well) He would know because Yoongi was the only account were the notifs were turned on.

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