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COUPLE: Sope/Yoonseok - 2seok/Hopejin




AUTHOR NOTE: the smut will most probs be in part 2 :)))


•3RD POV••

"Umm Seokjinnie, do you think the cookies are ready or should I wait a little longer?" Hoseok asked, moving his head cutely to the side as he stared at the oven which was filled with selfmade cookies. He glanced over at Seokjin, his best friend, whom was cleaning the kitchen after Hoseok made a huge mess trying to make those cookies.

Fortunately, Seokjin had came in time and helped him before he could officially ruin them. "Let me see" Jin said as he went over and checked if they were ready. "Hmm, let them stay a little longer, alright" Hoseok nodded and went over and jumped on the (now clean) marble counter, flopping onto it while playfully kicking with his legs. Seokjin chuckled at how cute his dongsaeng was being. I mean, what did he expect, it's Hoseok we're talking about. The cute little sunshine everybody secretly had an eye on.

"Hyungie, do you think he will like them?" Hoseok asked, looking over at him as his hyung put the remaining cleaning wipes away in the drawer. "Of course he will! You made them, don't you? So I'm positive about it!" He said, giving Hoseok a warm smile. Hoseok reflected the smile but wider "thanks hyung, I think so too, since you are the one who helped me out and besides, everyone knows how good of a cook you are" Hoseok giggled as Seokjin felt flustered. "Yah, you're making me blush~" he whined as he put on a glove and took a look at the cookies. "Oh they are ready" he said. Before he opened the oven, Hoseok jumped off the counter and practically ran next to Seokjin "I wanna see, I wanna see!!"

Once it was opened, smoke instantly hit both of their faces. "Gee I can't see~" Hoseok waved with his hands in all directions in the hope of getting rid of the unwanted smoke. 'Cute' jin thought as he took a hold of the hot plate and put it right on top of the table (above an iron stander). "Ooh they look lovely!" Hoseok chirped happily. "They indeed do..and they taste great too" he said after taking a bite of a cookie. He had to be careful not to burn his mouth. "Yah! Don't eat too much! I made them for Sugie! Hey, cookies for Sugie, that's funny" Hoseok laughed at his own joke making Jin roll his eyes. "Omg that was so lame" jin snorted, earning a hit on his broad, smexy shoulder. "Don't tease, hyungie. I will make you some another time, pinky promise." He held his smol pinky in the air, right infront of a chuckling jin. "It better not be food poisoning. I expect them to be eatable" Jin reached for Hobis pinky. "Of course i wont poison you, silly. I will make them even yummier than these, just you wait and see!" Hoseok said confidently.

He put the cookies in a cute bento box with cute little hearts on it. "But i have to go now, I gotta give them to Sugie while they're still warm. Bye hyungie, see you in a bit" he waved off as he left the house in a rush. Seokjin chuckled and sighed as he sat on a chair, still facing the front door. "Oh hoseokie, while i'm being so obvious...when will you notice my feelings for you?" He mumbled almost inaudibly. Deciding to call Namjoon and play mario card together.

Hoseok went over to Yoongis house. (Don't ask how he knows where to be... just don't.) Not sure if he was home or not. I mean, he was practically paying him a visit without giving him a call before hand. But he didn't care since he and Yoons were on good terms. That's what he thinks at least.

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