recollecting you and your memories

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 Chap – 3

Recollecting you and your memories….

This chapter shall be in flashback (six years ago) and narrated by me because both khushi and arnav are recollecting what happened .

ASR had just landed from London to Mumbai from his private jet .he went directly to the oberoi mansion to meet his friend , shivaay singh oberoi , whom he met in  oxford university during his college days. they both were very good friends .

“hey ASR ,how are you ?how is nani?”

“good ,ya ,nani is fine .and I hope your family is also fine”

“of course they are .”

“did you do the favour I asked you for “

“of course….um …I shall tell you but not here come to my room “

In shivaay’s room:

shivaay :  ASR as you said I have extracted all info about that girl khushi upadhyay…..  i sent a private detective to Allahabad to find out about her…… here this envelope has all info and photos of his findings …..

as arnav tried to take the envelope  SSO withdrew his hand .

Shivaay : wait wait my friend. Let me also see . teri mehbooba kaisi???

(opening the envelope )

Wow she is gorgeous .are you sure you want to take revenge from her …. I mean she looks too innocent to have done anything…..

ASR:  looks are defying , my friend ,all that glitters isn’t gold similarly she might seem very beautiful but she has an ugly heart … read out the info show me the photos

Shivaay:   anyways…………well   name Khushi shashi upadhyay .  age 22.

Qualifications literature.

Wakes up at 5 am , does yoga for  half an hour especially the surya namaskara , then she takes a stroll around the temple gardens while watering the plants there .then she takes a bath for about fifteen minutes to half an hour and gets ready for office in a modern sleeved blouse and cotton saree and silver jewellery. Her office is the temple authority .although it is her mother indrani who is regarded as the caretaker of the temple ,it is actually khushi who is the excecutioner of the efficient administration of the temple. whenever there is a maha aarti in the temple it is she who performs it . she loves her two stepsisters ie indrani’s daughters deeply and can do anything for them .also she owns a blog on which she writes stories and poems from the experiences she gathers  by guiding foreign travellers through all walks of allahabad’s lifestyle and city space………she knows Sanskrit ,hindi, English , French ,Italian,Spanish and Japanese all learnt from the internet.

Not married or engaged

NO boyfriends or love affairs etc………..

ASR:    that much info is enough for me .i will make a leave have to catch a flight for  Allahabad.

Shivaay  : wait ASR think once , I don’t think  you should be taking revenge on her after all you don’t know the full truth………

ASR  : the truth is that she is a liar, an opportunist ,a selfish blot on the name of a friend . it was because of her that my family was reduced to ashes so she shall also not be spared by the flames of the fire of revenge.

Shivaay : but she looks innocent

ASR : woh bas ek khubsoorat dhokha hai .(she is just a beautiful illusion –a cheat)

Shivaay : as you say .bye  and take care of yourself I wish you luck.



“et j'espère que votre expérience dans Allahabad a été mémorable. Merci  .”( and I hope your experience in Allahabad was a memorable one. thank you)

Khushi bid her colleagues a gracious good bye and proceeded towards the agency from where she collected travellers for the tour.  khushi’s attire:

“khusi bitiya “ said the old owner of the agency “ there is a man here he  wants you and only you to be his tour guide and he is adamant on it

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“khusi bitiya “ said the old owner of the agency “ there is a man here he  wants you and only you to be his tour guide and he is adamant on it .will you please attend him. I told him you only tend to foriegners but he is nt ready to listen”

“ I’ll see him kaka you don’t get disturbed”

In the hall:

“excuse me ,sir I heard you wanted to talk to me.”

“yes miss khushi. Heard a lot about you . I am ASR  .my friends told me you are the best guide around . and I take only the best so would you take my tour.”

“I ‘m extremely sorry sir  I only tend to foreigner tourists and you are an indian .i shall recommend you another guide.”

“but why “

“because I do this just to make people of other regions aware of the greatness of our india. there is no benefit in telling you this all after all you are already an indian and you must be proud of it im sorry”

as khushi turned away arnav replied  “ if Indians themselves wont be knowing  about the greatness of their motherland what would they be proud of .you don’t expect all Indians to have taken great interests in their history –geography textbooks. “

khushi felt low at that , how did she not think of this before ?this man is saying the truth she shouldn’t deny him. She enthusiastically turned towards him and said  

“ hello , Namaste and welcome to Allahabad . my name is khushi and thank you mr.ASR for opening my eyes. Come behind me  let me lead your tour here our journey begins…..”she smiled

Arnav smirked and thought” sure here starts the journey of your ruin .”

and this is the 3 rd chap next many updates shall be in flashback only so don’t get confused. Pls like  vote comment and buddy .

any doubts contact me and yes ASR is here for revenge………..

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