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15. Futakuchi-onna

A Futakuchi-onna is a two mouthed woman. She appears normal, but has a second mouth full of sharp teeth on the back of her head. Her hair grabs food like tentacles and shoves it into the ravenous second mouth. They bring punishment to greedy men and women


The gaki are hungry ghosts, and have their origins in Buddhism. The realm of hungry ghosts is one of the Six Paths of Transmigration, depicted in the Gaki Zoshi, an ancient scroll and national treasure of Japan. The Six Paths of Transmigration, which goes by numerous other names, including Cycle of Suffering, Cycle of Samsara, Six Paths of Reincarnation, and Six Realms of Existence, is a Buddhist idea borrowed from Hinduism, and describes the cycle of reincarnation and the six realms into which one might be reborn.

The six realms vary from quite nice (basically, heaven), to very unpleasant (hell). A person who transgressed in life might be reborn as a hungry ghost, whose souls are cursed with insatiable hunger for something, usually something disgusting like dead bodies or poop.

17. Nuribotoke

Nuribotoke are zombie-like creatures that creep out of butsudan (home altars) left open at night. They are black, and their eyes dangle out of their sockets. They can be kept at bay with salt, but it is better just to make sure the butsudan is closed when its time to go to bed. Nuribotoke don't do much other than scare the crap out of families, but it's so easy to keep them at bay, it seems silly to suffer terror at their hands.

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