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12. Yamauba

Yamauba are old hags living in the mountains and forests. They offer shelter to weary travelers, then eat their unsuspecting guests. Yamauba were initially human, but were corrupted over time, and turned into monsters. Most look like normal elderly women until they attack, at which point they turn into monstrous hags, sometimes with horns or fangs. They possess powerful magic, which aids them in killing and consuming guests.

13. Jikininki

Jikininki are ghosts of the Zen tradition. Much like the western ghoul, jikininki seek out and feed upon corpses. They are reincarnated selfish people, and despise their cursed existence. A zen story about a wandering priest named Muso Kokushi tells the tale of his encounter with a jikininki.

14. Yuki-Onna

Yuki-onna is a female yokai (literally "snow woman") who preys upon travelers lost in heavy snow storms. She is similar to a succubus, and sucks the life force from her victims with her icy breath. Stunningly beautiful, she has long black hair and pure white skin. Sometimes, such as in the story of yuki-onna in the Kwaidan, they fall in love with humans and even marry them. Fans of Japanese cinema will recognized the yuki-onna from both Masaki Kobayashi's Kwaidan and Akira Kurosawa's Dreams.

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