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3. Datsue-ba

Datsue-ba is a demon that takes the form of an old hag, or, more specifically, the Old Hag of Hell. In Buddhist folklore, she rips the clothes off those entering the underworld. People who arrive without clothes have their skin ripped off instead.

4. Jorōgumo

The Jorōgumo is an entangling bride, also known as the whore spider. These yokai take the form of golden orb-weaver spiders, which live throughout Japan. When these spiders reach 400 years of age, they develop magical powers, and start feeding on humans instead of insects. To do so, the jorōgumo assume the form of beautiful women, and lure young men to their doom.

5. Gashadokuro

Gashadokuro are giant skeletons that rattle around the countryside in the darkest hour of the night, bones clacking together. The Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound these yokai make, "gachi gachi," is the origin of their name.

Gashadokuro don't go looking for victims, but will kill whomever they find as they wander about. They crush victims with their giant hands, then bite off their heads. These yokai are formed when hundreds of unburied dead with grudges against the living fuse together into one monster. They usually form after large battles or famines. Fans of anime will recognize gashadokuro from various films, including Pom Poko.

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