In Hiding

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Chaos was everywhere in Gotham. Criminals and officers were at war. There was a nuclear bomb about to detonate and wipe us all out.

I was running for my life. My heart raced in my chest as I heard and felt bullets wiz by my head. I didn't want to die. I was terrified.

I felt like my lungs were going to burst. I finally reached the top step of City Hall. I yanked the door open and ran inside. I stood there for a few minutes, trying to catch my breath. After a few moments, I glanced out the window and saw Batman. He was talking to someone, but I couldn't get a clear view.

I took a moment to assess my situation. I looked around and realized I was stuck. I would just have to wait out the fight...and hope the bomb didn't detonate. I didn't want to die alone. It sure beat dying with my abusive, asshole of a boyfriend, though.

Suddenly, the massive silhouette of Bane appeared in my peripheral vision. I looked out the door as he was fighting Batman. They were getting closer and closer to the door, so I ducked behind a pillar in the room.

Just a moment after I hid, Bane came flying through the door and landed on the floor. I could hear him thrashing around in agony. Then, I heard footsteps and more thrashing.

"Give me the trigger! You'd never give it to an ordinary citizen!" Batman shouted.

The thrashing stopped and the room became silent, except for a strange hissing noise.

"I broke you. How have you come back?" Bane asked, his voice full of pain.

"You thought you were the only one who could learn the strength to escape?" Batman asked.

There was another moment of silence and I held my breath. Then Bane said, "I never escaped. Ra's Al Ghul rescued me. That is why I must fulfill his plan. That is why I must avenge his murder."

"The child of Ra's Al Ghul made the climb-" Batman began to say before he was interrupted by a woman. "But he is not the child of Ra's Al Ghul...I am." She whispered the last part right before Batman cried out in pain. "And although I'm not 'ordinary,' I am a citizen."

There was no reply from Batman...only gasps of pain. The woman continued, "my mother named me Talia before she was killed. The way I would have been killed if not for my protector...Bane. I climbed out of the pit. The League of Shadows took us in. Trained us...But my father could not accept Bane. He saw only a monster who could never be tamed. Whose very existence was a reminder of the hell he'd left his wife to die in. He excommunicated Bane from the League of Shadows. His only crime was that he loved me. I could not truly forgive my father...until you murdered him."

Then Batman speaks, his voice clearly strained, "he was trying to kill millions of innocent people-"

The woman cut him off again. "'Innocent' is a strong word to throw around Gotham, Bruce. I honor my father by finishing his work. Vengeance against the man who killed him is simply a reward for my patience."

Batman cries out in pain once again while the woman continues to speak, "you see, it's the slow knife...the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between bones...that's the knife...that cuts deepest."

There was a click and then a moment of silence before Batman spoke, "your knife may have been too slow."

"The truck's under attack," a male voice chimed in.

No one said anything for a minute. I could hear someone moving around.

"Not yet." The woman said. "I want him to feel the heat. Feel the fire of twelve million souls you failed."

Suddenly, the hissing noise stopped. The woman spoke softly, "Goodbye, my friend." Then, I heard footsteps exit the building.

At first I thought I was alone with Batman. I was about to come out of hiding, until I heard the sound of a shotgun being checked for ammo.

"You'll just have to imagine the fire," Bane said. "We both know I need to kill you now."

Suddenly, there is a deafening sound. I dropped to the ground and grabbed my ears. After a moment, I removed my hands. I heard a woman say, "the whole no-guns thing? I don't feel as strongly about it as you do."

And with that, I heard both Batman and the new woman exit the building. I slowly peak around the corner to make sure everything is clear. When I'm back in the middle of the room, I glance over at Bane's body. When he didn't move, I started toward the exit.

I had my hand on the handle and I was about to open the door when I heard a groan from behind me...

I hope everyone likes my story.
The only character that I claim credit for is the main character. The dialogue between Talia, Batman, Bane, and Catwoman are words straight from the script, so I don't claim credit for it. This is the only chapter with dialogue from the movie. Enjoy!

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