Drunk night (Jercy)

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"Shhhh" Percy whispered from his cabin to Jason who was running across the grass to get to his cabin as he got to the door a harpy swooped by and barely missed Jason who ran inside and collapsed to his hands knees laughing "oh gods, that was close" he said breathing heavily. He stood up and pulled out a box of condoms "for later, but right now" he said also pulling some fireball "we need to drink" he said "let's do this, Grace" Percy said pulling out some shot glasses as Jason opened the bottle and poured some into both "drink up" said Jason as they took shot and started coughing "ugh that burns" Percy said still coughing. After a couple more shots Jason looked at Percy "ok i'm ready" he said his words kind of slurring "mmm ok" Percy said standing up and walking towards him he sat down on Jasons lap and kissed his lips "you ready for this dick, Grace?"
"Mmmmm yes"
"I want you on my cock so bad" Percy said still kissing Jason as he started to grind against his shorts feeling the lump in Jasons crotch area made him feel horny and he could feel his own dick getting harder, he pulled away and stood up taking off his shirt and swaying side to side "you going to dance for me, before You fuck me?" Asked Jason "oh i'm going to give you a nice treatment before I fuck you, Grace" replied Percy pulling off Jasons shirt and sitting back down on his lap to grind against him again. They begun kissing again before they stood and went stumbling over to the bed as Jason fell down on the bed and Percy stood back "we don't need these now do we?" He asked sliding off his own pants leaving him in boxer briefs which cupped his penis showing off all 8.7 inches hard Jason sat up as Percy slid off Jasons shorts also in boxer briefs leaving him at 6.9 Percy kissed Jason then moved to his jaw then his neck slowly going down to his pecs and kissing along the muscle. Playing with the other nipple he sucked on Jasons right nipple causing him to whimper a little "that actually feels good I didn't think it did"
"Oh it does, alright" said Percy still sucking on Jason until he finally moved along the abs down to His V-line right above his dick. Percy took hold of Jasons boxer briefs and slid them down throwing them to the side "what will Annabeth and Piper think?" Said Jason
"They won't have to know" said Percy chuckling still kissing Jasons V-line before coming to the tip of Jasons dick and giving it an experimental lick causing Jason to shudder so Percy put his mouth and began to suck on his dick Jason watched quietly so Percy deep throated the entire thing causing Jason to moan in surprise and Percy was laughing his mouth still on Jason "are you l-aghh fuck- laughing?" He asked  Percy was too busy to answer so he kept on going "oh god i'm going to cum"  said Jason moaning and as Jason shot his load into Percys mouth he swallowed it all without hesitation
"Now let me suck you" said Jason "I want to taste that tasty cock before it penetrates me"
"Mmm ok" said Percy still standing as Jason fell to his knees pulling off Percys boxer briefs releasing his huge erection "oh god that's large" said Jason in surprise "i'll enjoy it thoroughly" he said smiling before getting to work On His cock licking it and sucking on it while Percy was moaning thinking of how hard they were going to fuck, he just wanted to come so they could start when all of sudden he felt a sharp feeling "oh gods" he said cumming on accident causing Jason to back up in surprise and getting it on his face because it was a pretty large load "agghh, Fuck" he said "sorry!" Percy exclaimed
"Haha, no it's ok it just surprised me a little that's all" he said chuckling "here let me clean if off for you" Percy said bending down and licking it off his face before kissing him "oh gods that's hot i'm getting more turned on" Jason said as they were kissing. Percy liked taking control of Jason it made him feel like the alpha the strong wolf of the pack he liked being dominant over his obedient submissive Jason who was willing to take his large cock as Jason stood up Percy walked over to the cabinet and got some lube out "which style you want to try" he asked Jason "how about Doggy style first then I can ride you"
"Sounds good to me" Percy said as Jason got into a doggy style position as Percy walked behind him and put some Lube on his finger "I have to prep you first" he said slowly putting in his first finger causing Jason to whimper "ow"
"Sorry, forgot to tell you this will hurt a little"
"It's ok, keep going" said Jason. Percy put another finger going in and out slowly to get Jason accustomed to how big Percys cock was going to be so he put in two more and opened and closed his hand until he pulled out and walked behind him "ready, Grace?" He said
"Mmm yes" Jason said moaning in anticipation
Percy put the tip in first and holding on to Jasons back with one hand and the other was at his side he slowly put the rest of his dick into Jason and started going in and out slowly "mmmm faster, Jackson" Jason said making Percy go faster thrusting in and out to the point where his balls were slapping against Jasons ass as Jason started Jerking himself off Percy kept going until Jason moaned "Percy, I wanna ride you" so Percy stopped and pulled out Jason turned and He kissed Percy as Percy laid down on the bed and Jason climbed on top of him and slowly sat down on his dick "oh, fuck" he said as he started bouncing up and down slowly on top of Percys length he went faster "oh gods" Jason said "i'm going to cum" he kept bouncing up and down and then came all over Percys. chest just that made Percy cum into Jasons hole. Jason got up and licked his cum off of Percy "mmmmm no evidence that this happened" he said as he was doing it "we won't remember any of this anyways" Percy said "exactly that's why we need to make sure it didn't"
"Mmm ok" said Percy putting on some underwear and Jason putting on his then they both put on the rest of their clothes except for their shirts and fell asleep.

Percy woke up with a horrible pounding headache "oh gods" he said shaking Jason awake
"What happened last night" he asked Jason
"I don't know" he replied
"Oh well we probably just sang songs or some stupid shit like that"
"Yeah probably" Jason said "ughh why does my asshole feel wet" he asked
"Dude, what if we but chugged the fireball?"
"No this is sticky wet not liquid wet"
"Oh well i'm going to go take a shower to clear this headache then meet up with Annabeth before breakfast" he said walking into the bathroom
"Alright i'm going to go meet up with piper too" Jason said walking out of Percys cabin. And that was that neither of them remembered any of what happened last night

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