|Thomas Shelby| "Why Did I Ever Let You Go?"

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"Tommy! How could you do that?" You screamed, throwing another one of his items of clothing at him

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"Tommy! How could you do that?" You screamed, throwing another one of his items of clothing at him.
"It was nothing Y/N, I promise!"
"Bullshit, I know a fucking liar when I see one, and I know a whore when I see one sleeping with you in our bed."
"Don't do anything rash Y/N."
"Rash? Rash! I think me throwing a fucking glass at your thick skull would only be a small punishment for what you've done."
"Is that what you're gonna do then?"
"Argh Tommy! No, I'm leaving." You screeched, grabbing your leather suitcase from the side of the bed, heaving small bits of clothing in it.
"No, Y/N wait." Tommy ran towards you, grasping ahold of your waist dragging you towards him.
"Get off me!"


You skimmed your hand over the wooden bar, humming a small tune to yourself. The rag in your hand drying the numerous wet rings on the counter from the alcoholic beverages being served at the time.

You watched a shadow approach the bar and instantly greeted them.
"Hello, what can I get ya today?"
"The love of ma' life back. If ya please..."
You raised your head, scoffing lightly from the voices accent.
Thomas. Fucking. Shelby.
"I'm not familiar with that drink."
"Y/N look-"
"Mr Shelby I'm working here. I have a job to do, so would you please order a drink and leave me alone."
"Don't speak to me like that."
"Or what? What could you do that could possibly be worse than what you've done. Besides... I moved on maybe you should do the same."

"What do you mean?" He titled his head; taking a drag from his cigarette.
"You heard me..." You glared, you placed the rag on the side of the bar and turned to the till, checking out on it whilst your colleague walked on in.

You grasped your handbag and stormed out the bar, being followed by the Shelby.

"Tommy just piss off will ye'."
"Tell me who he is Y/N..."
"He's no one."
"No, really! He's no one. Do you really think you're easy to let go?" You turned on your heel, tears pricking the edge of your eyes.
"Tommy, I fucking loved you. So much that I'd have done anything for you. Hurt anyone you wanted... I thought you felt the same way... I poured my heart out to you."
"I do feel the same way, it was just a mistake with Grace, I promise."
"It wasn't Tommy, I know love when I see it, I saw it with you... But when you look at Grace, I can see you love her, like you used to love me. You know I've always wanted you to be happy. I think the only way I can do that is to leave. Leave Birmingham for good, leave you and everything we've done together behind... This hurts so much... But I can't just stay here and play the happy couple people want us to... not when Grace is in the picture because I know your love for Grace is far more powerful that what we're sharing now..." Tears streamed from your face as you gazed into Tommy's eyes.
"I'm sorry Tommy..." You leant towards him, bringing his face closer to yours, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.
"Goodbye Tommy..."

With that you left, ran away as people said. To live with your family in Manchester. You were a true Mancunian, but your heart belonged in Birmingham with Tommy. Yet for years you remained resilient, you stayed away from Tommy's love life.

But he was worse off.

He drank and smoke more. Completely disregarded Grace and wanted nothing to do with her. He felt that he lost his entire world in a moment. He distanced himself from the business, from Polly and everyone. No one understood why he was so upset, everyone knew he had cheated. He was close to breaking point.


Your return to Birmingham was almost silent, with only a few of people knowing of your return.

You had heard the news of Tommy banishing Grace and her family from Birmingham. You figured it was time to  visit, and the least you could do was support Tommy.

The door of the garrison was pushed open and you were instantly immersed by the sound of drunk men.
"Well looky Who it is, it's our Manchester bird." You heard John holler.

You looked over as he stood up, you grinned and walked over to him embracing him in a crushing hug.
"Ah I've fucking missed you my love." You grinned. He patted your back and nodded.

"Well well Well, look who it fuckin' is. Y/N fucking L/N." Arthur slurred.
"Well well Well, look who's here pissed out his head, hello Arthur." You grinned.
You heard a glass smash, and then silence. You turned to see Tommy, his hand wide open from where the glass had been, his eyes slightly wider than usual. He looked at you, then the others, before storming out, slamming the door behind him.

"Tommy..." You whispered. "I thought he'd be glad to see me... Guess not."
"Go after him Y/N." John suggested, you looked at him and nodded, following after Tommy.

"Tommy wait!" You called after the Shelby.  "Tommy please."
This carried on until you got to his office. Until Tommy stopped and turned, you slowed and soon came to a halt.
"Tommy..." You whispered.
"You really wanted me to be so miserable didn't you?" He sighed.
"Didn't you... Even after the shit I've been through you still wanted it to end with me being miserable."
"And you think I wasn't..." You stepped closer. "You weren't the one who was cheated on..."

The two of you moved around his house, having somewhat of an 'Argument'. The two of you stopped in the hallway upstairs.
"And you still don't realise how much you put me through."
"I put you through what I thought would improve your life, being with her, but look what you did, you messed it up."
"Just like I messed it up between us."
You stood in silence for a while, you looked at Tommy and stepped closer , quickening your pace as you went.

He looked at you and held his arms out, you ran to him and quickly leant up to kiss him, he immediately kissed back, your lips moved in sync with one another. He moved his hands around your waist, you placing yours around his neck. You pulled away for breath, looking each other in the eyes before leaning into one another.

You walked into the bedroom you once shared and led on the bed together, you placed your head on his chest, feeling his chest rise and fall in a steady pattern.
"Why did I ever let you go? So easily to..."
"Because you had to... You'd have never realised your feelings for anyone otherwise."
"I'm just glad they were for you..."

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