(16) The 'Bad Side' Of San Fransokyo [Part 2]

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Warning: Read Part 1 first (The previous chapter)

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You dangled your legs and swung them back and forth.

Bored, you looked around your room.

You pondered for a bit.

He didn't use you for his plans or made you come with him... yet.

He just gave you a watch that could alert you when you should go to meet him.

The straps of the watch were (F/c) because you insisted them to. You didn't want to have another thing at was all black..

It always reminded you of Yokai and it was actually annoying..

Buzz!! Buzz!!

The sound of your watch buzzing at the silence in your room made you jump and glare at it.

You slide your finger and watched as the Yokai's hologram came into view.

"Yes?" You replied, pissed.

"Get here at the warehouse at 10." He spoke as hung up.

"Fiiiiiine." You whined inside your mind.

"At least, I have my first mission.."

* * *

You made your way towards the warehouse.

You opened the door and went inside.

You look around and cross your arms on your chest irritatedly and spoke, "I'm here."

You heard some swift metal glide behind you and you sighed.

You pushed the black cloak that was same as Yokai's but much more smaller and feminine.

You turned around to see Yokai standing there.

"Your mask." He said and handed you a mask that had (F/c) lines. It was still the same as Yokai, but instead of red it was (F/c).

You took it and put it on. Surprisingly, it fit perfectly.

"Now, our mission is to find this." He handed you a picture.

Inside the picture was a... Portal?

It had a sign of a black bird on the top. [Idek]

You looked up at him.

"What are you going to do with a portal?" You asked.

He scoffed, "I'll tell you after we soon find a piece at the ocean."

* * *

You saw something move.

You pulled Yokai's sleeve as pointed at the direction you saw something move. He got the idea and you both inched towards it.

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