Chapter 37: The First Date Part Two

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I sat with my mouth hung open and my hand resting on my chest. I couldn't part my eyes from the stage, I didn't want to accept the fact that it was over. The people around me stood and began walking to the multiple exits but I simply sat there, like it had never ended in the first place. 

After a few minutes of me gaping at the stage like a child who is devastated a Wiggles concert is over, Nathan shook my arm gently. "Audrey, are you okay?"

"Hmm?" I sounded, not bothering to avert my gaze.

"You know it's over, right?" Nathan asked slowly. I couldn't read his expression because I was too busy staring at the abandoned stage but I could hear the concern laced in his question. 

I nodded my head lamely as he stood up and held out his hand. "Let's go eat, princess. I'm starving."


Twenty minutes later, Nathan and I are sitting in the seats of some lavish restaurant. Nathan was sipping on his whiskey, a drink that I recently learned he loved, while I sipped on some red wine that I didn't bother to know the name of, simply because the waiter recommended it and I have zero clue what is considered good - according to Nathan.

"So I take it you enjoyed the musical?" Nate asked as he placed his empty glass on the table and signaled the waiter for another.

I nodded my head enthusiastically. "It was amazing! Honestly, I thought it may ruin the Wizard of Oz for me but it made me appreciate it even more."

Nathan gave me his award winning grin. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was scared you were going to hate it."

Thinking about what he had said at the theatre, I cocked my eyebrow and tilted my head with a sly smile on my face. "So, you bought these tickets a month ago?"

Nathan's eyes went wide, as if he forgot he had admitted that to me. Nervously, he tapped his fingers on the white table cloth. I've never seen him this awkward before. It's really quite adorable. "Yeah, um after the thing with you and Noah I uh-"

He winced as he scratched his head, like he was debating what to say. "After you and Noah broke up, I mean, I talked to Darian about how I felt. He thought it was a phase or a little crush that I'd out grow but um, I didn't."

He refused to look in the general direction I was in, instead, he focused on something behind me and continued talking. "I thought I would do the unthinkable and ask you out and then Hayden beat me to it. But then, your date sucked - sorry about that, by the way - and then Darian told me about you not seeing Wicked so I thought I'd save up and take you."

It was silent for a moment and Nathan still refused to look at me. I reached over and grabbed his hand gently and gave him a reassuring smile. "That was very sweet of you, Nate. As for going out with Hayden, that was Alex's fault and Samara's idea. I promise you I would have never went if I had known-"

"Hey," he said, "Don't sweat it. Honestly, I knew Hayden was probably gonna blow the date."

I laughed at that. Hayden really did blow that date. But then again, I wasn't interested to begin with, so maybe I was biased. "Why wouldn't you warn me?"

Nathan gave his usual smirk and leaned back in his chair. "Thought it would be more convenient for me. If you guys didn't hit it off, I'd be there to sweep you off your feet."

He ended his sentence with a wink and I rolled my eyes. "You sure are something else, West."

"Awe," he began, "You know you love me, Holland."

When he said that, my heart fluttered at the thought. Could I fall in love with Nathan? I studied him as I pondered the thought. His hazel eyes were captivating and the way his plump lips moved as he smiled and smirked was enough to make any girl swoon. Plus, he's a boxer. Hello abs! Not to mention, he has really amazing hair. Like, sometimes I'm tempted to run my hands through it, just to feel the softness of it. But a side from all those physical traits, his heart is what would either be my prosperity or demise. He was so gentle and so kind underneath all his flirtatious and sarcastic remarks. He stood up to Noah and helped me end things with him. At this point, I didn't know where I'd be without Nathan.

Did I love him now? It was too soon to tell.

Could I ever love him in the future? I've never been more certain about anything in my entire life. And what a scary thought that was.

Nathan studied me back, a grin starting to form on his face. "Like what you see, princess?"

I nodded my head and sipped my wine. "Absolutely."

Nate held his hand up to his chest in fake astonishment. "Did you just compliment me?"

"Mhm," I giggled, giving Nathan a smile I said, "Well, you're always complimenting me and since we're on a date, I thought I'd return the favour."

His eyes twinkled as his studied me some more. If it were any other person, I probably would have squirmed under his gaze. But it wasn't  just any person. It was Nathan. So instead of squirming, I just smiled as he did so.

After a moment of silent appreciation, he grabbed my left hand and brought it up to his soft lips and kissed my knuckles. "I hope its not too soon to say that you make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world, Audrey Holland."

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