Assassin's Creed: The Hands of Fate

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"I've spotted the Templar. He's heading towards the park from a black vehicle. Do you want me and Trent to begin the hunt?" Said a voice on the radio.

I answered back "Just follow him. I want this to work out perfectly. Only begin the hunt when I'm close enough to kill em."

He answered immediatly "Alright. Where are you? I can see the Templar, but I can't see you."

"Don't worry about me. I can see everything from up here." I responded.

I put the radio down, and I gazed upon the sight of three men protecting our target. The reason for my hunt for him is simple: He's corrupt. He has sworn allegiance to the Templars. He ordered the execution of my family. He sold my families land. He will die today. And by my hands.

The voice that I was speaking with on the radio was my best friend, Roman Malov. He's a Russsian immigrant, and is a part of our organization. We are Assassins.

I saw Trent and Roman stalk our prey from the top of the bell tower of the Church. Then, I heard shouts coming from below me. I was able to make out some words.

"I saw him up here...climb up...we'll turn him in."

I quickly grabbed my radio and prepared my hidden blade. If they are in Abstergo uniforms, I'll kill them. If they look like citizens then I will not harm them.

"Stay your blade away from the innocent." It is mentioned in the Creed.

The door opened and two Abstergo agents came out armed with batons.

"There he is!" One shouted while he charged imself towards me.

I revealed my hidden blade and i thrusted it inside of his abdomen. I heard his mouth gargle with blood. I shoved his lifless body aside and lundged myself towards the second guard. The gurad swung is baton, possibly aiming for my head. I deflected the blow with the leather brace which held my hidden blade. Then I kicked him in the groin, forcing him to lean forward. I took my tomahawk out of it's sheath and swung it. The blade entered the back of his head. Blood rushed out of his skull. The blade was deep inside of the guard, deep enough to be stuck. I jerked my tamohawk out. And leaped off the edge of the tower. I grabbed a ledge and slowly moved myself down.

When I reached the ground, I lost sight of the Temlar. I took my radio out, and spoke.

"Roman, do you see the Templar?"

He replied.

"Yes, and we have just had a skirmish. The target didn't spot us, but they are heading towards the nearby forest trail."

"I'll be there as soon as I can." I said.

I put the radio back inside my pocket. I sprinted towards the trail, jumping over benches, fountains and people. I grabbed a hold of the large oak tree that rested itself near the forest trail. I climbed up the branches, and I sat in wait. I saw Roman and Trent sitting on a bench nearby. I grabbed my radio and I said:

"I can see you, my friend. I'm sitting on a branch in the tree near you."

Roman and Trent both looked up. Roman waved, and said:

"Can you see the Templar from up there?"

"Yes, he seems to be waiting for someone...I'll check it out." I said.

I leaped from the branch I was sitting on to another branch from a nearby tree. I swung off that branch and landed on my feet. I began to sprint towards a bush near where the Templar was standing. I jumped into the bush, and waited for any action that the Templar made.

After at least fifteen minutes of minutes of sitting inside the bush, my legs then slowly fell asleep. I moved carefully, trying not to make any noise while repositioning myself. Then I heard loud footsteps. I peeked out of the bush to see a man in a suit walk towards the Templar. The man handed a letter to him. Then, without saying a word, he left.

I saw the opportunity to strike. I leaped out of the bush and released my blade from the bracer.  The guards pulled out their batons and charged at me. I deflected the first guards blow with my forearm. Then I thrusted my hidden blade into his neck, piercing his jugular. I threw a punch which made it's mark across his face, forcing his his now lifless body to topple over. Then I caught the second guards arm, and I placed my opposite hand on his elbow and I quickly forced my hand forward, breaking his arm. He yelled in agony. I then threw him aside, leaving him to finish off later.

The Templars face expressed fear.

"A-Assassin!" He stutterd.

"You're end is now. You will pay for your crimes against the city, and the crimes against my family!"

The Templar then began to run, but while he did, he tripped on his own foot. I leaped on top of him.

"Rest in peace, you bastard!" I yelled.

My hidden blade then found itself in his neck. Blood was running down from his wound to my hand. I heard a gasp for air while I retracted my blade from his neck.

I got up and spotting the second guard watching me with pain and fear on his face. I reached for my tomahawk and I lunged it at him. The hatchet's blade portruded from his face with his crimson blood sourting out on the handel as he fell. I reached for my radio.

"The job is done. The done." I said, breathing heavily.

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