Chapter 3

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Last Time ~

  I packed up what I had with me before at least trying to sleep again. It didn't work. So I just lay on my cot staring at the roof eventually going into a light doze, not deep enough to get dreams though.  


When I woke up the next morning I quickly got changed before grabbing my bag. After the nightmare I didn't really feel like eating so I just waved bye to Chiron and the Seven as I ran past. I normally would have given a proper goodbye to them but I haven't seen my mom or Paul in about a year and 8 months so I kinda have a right to be over exited.

I race to the hill and whistle for Blackjack. Soon I hear the sound of his wings a few seconds before he lands next to me.

Sup Boss?

"My Drama Queen of an uncle, and stop calling me that."

Whatever you say, my lord. Got any donuts?

I give up. This horse is infuriating. I sigh and just pull myself onto Blackjacks back.

"I'm sure we can find donuts near moms apartment if she doesn't have any there."

That was all Blackjack needed to spin around and leap quickly into the air, his strong wings easily lifting us both into the air at speed. It was barley ten minutes later when Blackjack descended on the room of mom's apartment building.

"Wait here and I'll see if mom has any donuts. I'll message you if she doesn't though and you can meet me later and we can go buy you some." I said as I slid of the pegasus's back. Blackjack bobbed his head excitedly and I rolled my eyes at him. I still don't think donuts are good for him.

I started descending the fire escape, I was almost to the right floor when my vision contacts timed out and I was left in the dark again. I stopped on the next landing and took them out, glad I had packed the others in case I needed them, even if mom knew I was blind. I used my powers to know where the steps were as I climbed down the last two floors. Going around to the front so I don't give mom and Paul a heart attack by going through a window, I went to knock on the door, only to feel weak and splintered wood on my hand.

I pushed a little on the door and it practically fell off its top hinge and it opened. That's not normal, mom would never let that happen. Even if something or some one broke the door she'd have gotten it fixed within the hour. I slipped my hand into my pocket, gripping Riptide ready to uncap my sword if it was a monster. Taking a tentative step through the door way I was hit with the stench of blood and death. My body felt like lead as I forced my legs to move farther into the apartment, my foot hit something in the entryway and sent whatever it was clattering down the hallway on the other side of the living room. Strange, whatever that was should have hit the couch.

Getting more and more panicked I slung my backpack off my back an quickly grabbed a new set of contacts out. I put them in my eyes in record time. Only, when my eyes adjusted, I wish I hadn't put them on and immediately telepathically messaged Blackjack to go back to camp and that I'd bring donuts back later.

(if you are disturbed by gore type things, your gonna want to skip the next few paragraphs.)

There was blood everywhere, the living room was trashed, the couch was thrown over the coffee table, into the TV and had claw marks all over it. Pictures on the walls were broken and falling off their settings with blood splattered all over them. In the center of the mess was Paul. Or rather, his mauled body. He was missing an arm and a leg, pretty sure I don't want to know where they ended up, his face contorted in agony. Blood pooled around his body and was still spreading.

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