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*warning* Namjin a head XD
Also all members have now been sent the text from Yoongi.

Namjoon's POV

After I read the text Yoongi sent me, I stood up from my chair in the corner, by the window, and walk to the kitchen of the restaurant I was eating at. Since Jin works here I should see if he got the text too.

*flash back*
I was waiting for my food to arive so I decided to look through my old photos. I find a pic of me a Jin. It was taken about three years after Y/n went missing. Not long after she was found. Me and Jin haven't talked in person since then. But every now and then we text. In the pic Jin looks a bit tired. It's probably from when he was crying. After all it was the day after we got told the news about Y/n. But he still smiled. Kind of.

I remember Jin mentioning that he got a job at a restaurant

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I remember Jin mentioning that he got a job at a restaurant. One of the staff walk by.

"Umm. Excuse me. May I know the name of the chef. I think I may know him."

'Please say it is a he and is the right person.'

"Umm. Sure. His name is Kim Seokjin."

'YES! I was right.'

"Ahh. Okay thank you."

The man walks way. Just then, my phone pings.

It's a message from Yoongi. He hasn't sent me a text in years.

*end of flash back*

As I was about to walk in, a man shorter than me stopped me.
"Excuse me, sir. You cant go in there. It's staff only."

"Please. I'm friends with the cook. You know. Jin. Kim Seokjin."

"I don't care if you are friends with him or not. Now please go sit down!" The man raises his voice at me.

Just then the kitchen doors open. It was the man himself. Jin.

"What's going on here?" He then turns his head and sees me."Namjoon what are you doing here?" He asks, eyes wide open.

"That don't matter. Did you get the text."

"I dont know. It's in my coat pocket. When did you get it?"

"About 10 minutes ago. You need to read it. Now."

Jin nods and walks into the kitchen and I follow. We leave then man from earlier, the one who tried to stop me, standing there. He's probably really confused.

We walk through the kitchen and reach the staff's changing room, where they put all there bags and stuff. Jin heads to a locker and opens it. He then reaches for the coat and moves it about for a bit until he finds the pocket his phone is in.

After a bit of tapping on his phone he just stands there.

'He's probably reading the text Yoongi sent all of us.'

He then looks up at me with tears in his eyes.

"Hyung! What's wrong? Are you okay? Don't cry."

He then chuckles at me "Namjoon, I'm not sad, silly. I'm happy. After 10 long painful years, we may finally find who took our sweet Y/n away from us." He smiles at me with a bright and hopeful smile. I haven't seen that since Y/n was still in our lives. Just like he used to when Y/n made him laugh.

"Well if you want to find that person so badly, we better hurry up." I grab his coat and give it to him. As he puts it on, I grab his bag and swing it round my shoulder.

"Are you ready, hyung?"

"You mean ready to finally get revenge on that horrid person, then hell yeah I'm ready." He looks like he's getting ready to fight someone. It reminds me of the time Y/n beat Jin at Mario cart and he tickled her for it.

I chuckle at the way he's standing.

"Come on hyung. Let's go."


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