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 My name Is Tayzia, but If you call me that imma beat ya ass

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 My name Is Tayzia, but If you call me that imma beat ya ass. I go by Tye. Anyway, I am 20, and I live with my best friend Zaye. I don't really like labels, but This generation would consider me a "Stud". I am Submissive to Zaye  A lot of the time, and Anywhere else, I am Very dominate.

         Zaye and I have a 'Best friends with benefits' type relationship, and It hurts most of the time because I actually want to be with her. She doesn't have anything against "Stud for stud" I don't think.  And I don't like Jay because She is annoying, but I feel bad because she really cares for Zaye but she's getting played.  

     When Zaye left me on 'read' I decided to go out and talk to my little sister. I got in the shower, got dressed, and drove to My mom's house. I walked in and her eyes lit up. "Tayzia why you been M.I.A" I smiled "Sorry mama I been hella busy lately" She smiled "It's cool just check in and Tayvia is Upstairs in her room" I nodded and climbed the steps to her room. I opened her door and she screamed "ZEZE!" I laughed "Hey Veve" She closed her door, and Dragged me to her bed. "Oh my God... I miss you how you been sis" I smiled "I came up here to see ya bad ass." She sucked her teeth. "Girl im not bad... Imma Angel. A gift from the godddsss" She said dramatically. I laughed "Ya goofy ass. But forreal sis how you been" She sighed and Fell back on her bed. "Sis I have been stressed outtt. It's this girl I'm kicking it with right now, but It's this other girl I want to get with and I'm stuck between the two. And The girl I'm kicking it with She Stuck between me, and her First love. Like that bitch won't let her go, and I am catching a lil bit of feelings for her, and she said she wanna be with me, but I don't know If I believe her. Hell, She don't sound like She believe her damn self." I sighed "Sis you too young for these girls. She side-eyed me. "Zee I'm 16" I laughed "Exactly... too young" She threw a pillow at me and whined. "Im being deadass Thi is complicating. I laid down beside her. "Sis go to who you feel like will be best for you. Just go with your heart girl." 

Tayvia and I are Extremely close. We have been ever since She was a little baby. We tell each other everything, and We learn from each other.  She always tell me she wants to grow up to be like me, and I'm flattered, but I want her to be better than I am. Be her own person, and Be proud while doing it. 

My phone buzzed, and I looked down to see who it was, It was Zaye Trying to FaceTime. "Hold up Vee Imma be right back. I stepped outside of her door, and answered the call. "Hey baby.. I'm at home where ya go?" I smiled. "I'm with Vee right now imma be home in  a hour or two" She nodded her head. "Tell Baddie I said she gotta visit sometimes.. I miss lil sis" I laughed. And Tayvia came out her room.. "Hey Ari" she said calling her by her middle name We laughed and Zaye sucked her teeth. "Baddie you lucky I can't get to you right now." She pouted I smirked "Awe you so Sexy bae" She flipped her hair "I know girl" I frowned "Fuck you a thank you woulda been nice" She smirked... "Oh I will when you get home." I stuck my tongue out and hung up. I turned around and saw Vee standing with her mouth wide open..."Y'all be fucking! are y'all together Finally? " I laughed "Girl shut up, and It's complicated" She frowned. 

~1 Hour Later~

Vee was Knocked out, and I got up from beside her and Went downstairs. I said bye to my mama and got in my car to go back home. I called Zaye, and she didn't answer her phone. Maybe She fell asleep or something.

When I got home, I  went in locked the door, and Went up to her room. I opened the door, and saw her butt-naked, on top of the covers, and asleep. I smiled Closed the door, took off my clothes and laid next to her. I looked at the time, and It was almost time for me to go to work. I Kissed up her back and she started moving. "Baby stop Im sleepy." I kissed her neck and she started  moaning. "Tyee baby Stahhpp" She said moaning. I turned her over on her back and I kissed her lips waking her up. I got on top of her, and Just looked at her. "Baby I gotta get ready for work." She groaned. I kissed her lips and got off of her. She pulled me back and kissed me roughly and longer. She pulled away "Now you can go get ready". She smacked my butt and i Stuck my tongue at her. She Laughed and I went to my room to get ready for work

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