Chapter Two

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Danniella's POV:

My stomach hurt. I just couldn't stop laughing. I always loved when we pulled pranks on the new kids. This one only just made it into my Top 10.

"Oh... My god... Your face!" I kept laughing. I still didn't know this guys name and I hadn't taken in what he really looks like other than his wide green eyes that were still staring at me in surprise.

Michael was almost pissing his pants while Sebastian and Ricki were leaning on each with massive grins on their faces, struggling to breath. Wesley and Chris kept looking at the new kid before they would look at each other, high-five and crack-up laughing again.

I honestly forgot why I was friends with these guys for a second before I looked at the new kids face and remembered. They were fucking genius' with coming up with pranks. They always gave me something to laugh about.

"I honestly... can't... breathe. Struggling... for air," was all Michael could manage. That started another round of the giggles.

I calmed down enough to introduce myself to the new kid.

"I'm Danniella, but everyone calls me Dann and I prefer it that way to be honest," I reached out a hand to shake his and watched as he finally blinked and registered what was going on around him. He refused to look at the guys because they were still laughing.

He grabbed my hand and I tried to pretend that the tingles didn't exist.

"Theodore. Theodore Gibson." The boys were still laughing.


I sighed. Hanging out in my room wasn't as fun as it used to be. No dolls from my toddler stages, no bright dresses and girly stuff from my younger teenage stage. Just my gorgeous queen sized bed with a black and blue quilt contrasting well with the blood red feature wall behind it. My walk-in wardrobe doors were covered in a massive collage of photos and posters. The majority of the photos being my favourite landmarks and places I want to live throughout my life. There were a few family photos up there and plenty of my friends.

I sighed again. I might as well make use of this time. I cleaned my room. From top to bottom. I also re-organised my wardrobe and bookshelves and sat on my Mac-Book checking my profiles.

I finished checking my profiles and decided to see if any of my friends wanted to come over. They can't be too busy at the moment to entertain me until my parents get home. Well, I won't know unless I call them.

I skipped out of my room and down all three flights of stairs before making it to the main phone in the kitchen. The kitchen wasn't too fancy. Well to me it wasn't. I'm use to the restaurant sized back kitchen, mostly stainless steel. But the light cream coloured tiles went well with the beige walls, that's what my mother said anyway. I didn't agree with her. The back kitchen was my safe haven, a close second after my bedroom of course.

Reaching for the cordless phone sitting on the dock next the fridge, I realised I didn't exactly have any friends to call, other than Chris, Sebastian, Wesley Zachary and Richard who were at after school sports until 7 o'clock. So I put the phone back on the dock. The kitchen actually gave me an idea. Cooking time.

Before I knew it. The time had gone from 3:45 to 7:30. I had managed to bake over 40 chocolate chipped cupcakes equipped with home-made cream cheese icing just the way Ellcie and Eloise loved them. A half-dozen, double chocolate mud cakes with creamy chocolate frosting on top for both myself and Mike and six dinner plate sized gingerbread men with chocolate chip eyes and icing drawn mouths and buttons, just for Junior.

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